Mash Project has a vision and passion required to bring about a CHANGE. Therefore, the work is fragmented into a series of segments: Technical Development, Content Development, events.
The Technical Department works on building in-house mobile applications, one of them called NGO Connect, which helps NGO’s to connect to prospective volunteers.The Content Department has been providing useful inputs for our Social media platforms and our website and now the Blog, by featuring impact stories, innovative projects, and student initiatives! The Events Department has successfully organised events like Hackathons and our most recent event, Open Dialogue, which provided useful insights and inspired more than 20 people to create an impact using the power of a single idea!
MASH Project has proudly represented India among the 15 other participants, including MIT, from around the world in the UNESCO Youth Mobile Experts Meeting held at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris. Also, we recently concluded our first crowd funding campaign and raised over 500$ with contributors pouring in their support from all over the world.
If you feel you’ve got the flame burning inside you; urging you real hard to be a Change maker, then you’re definitely at the right webpage. Come join us at Mash Project and be a part of the energetic lot of tomorrow’s leaders.
Remember, every little effort counts, no matter how big or small.

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