MASH Project Foundation’s Skills2Serve Program Equips Aspiring Changemakers with 21st Century Skills

The skills required to reach one’s goals in our dynamic socio-cultural climate must also evolve continuously. From utilizing innovation, developing a solution-oriented mentality to critical thinking, these 21st century skills equip young entrepreneurs to take their organization forward. To the same end, MASH Project Foundation introduced Skills2Serve, a certified learning program for young changemakers who are passionate to work towards affecting social change and work on real-world development issues by learning changemaker skills.

Skills2Serve is an experiential learning program spanning over 12 weeks. The program constitutes a blended learning experience through video based digital skill modules for the first 4 weeks. The digital learning modules are designed by leading industry experts, each accompanied by a practical task to help you assess your skills.  The skills include collaboration, problem solving, effective communication, leadership, research, documentation, data analysis and digital communication.

The participants are also given access to the MASH community to stay ahead with latest opportunities for them to create social impact. After the digital modules training, the program provides an opportunity to intern with leading organizations for 8 weeks, in which the participants get to work with certified NGOs and social sector organizations so that they can gain practical experience.

The diverse modules of the program are designed to polish creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, effective communication and working collaboratively. Technical skills such as research and data collection, digital communication, documentation, reporting and data analysis were also emphasized upon.

MASH Project Foundation’s CEO, Aashish Beergi said, “We designed Skills2Serve with an intent to customize a truly experiential learning experience for young changemakers by providing them with learning, tools and one-to-one mentorship that helps them in their journey of changemaking”. Skills2Serve boasts leading NGO partners who are providing internship opportunities to the participants, organizations like Bhumi, Save The Children, Breakthrough, CRY and Evolve Foundation are few names among others.

“What makes this program special is how personal and interactive it is.” stated Hannah E. Calinisan. “There are rooms for growth in every opportunity they offer from the lectures, assessments, live sessions, one-on-one calls, weekly interactive activities, and so much more. What’s even better is that we got to interact with experts every weekend who share their own experiences and insights,” she further adds.

Another participant, Gliber Alfred shared that, “MASH team provided expert sessions focusing on the matter required and the case studies relatable to practical life. With concentrated courses in relevance to young experts, it provided unique and well thought situation-based assessments as per various students’ reviews.” Skills2Serve helps young changemakers to gain required technical skills and experience from leading social sector organizations, providing them ample of opportunities to bring change to society for future endeavors, being young entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Skills2Serve program, please log on to:

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