The #Unstoppables Campaign by MASH that Celebrates the Achievements of Women Entrepreneurs

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” – Bosa Sebele

The 5th Sustainable Development Goal is “Achieve Gender Equality and empower All Girls and Women”, something MASH team continually strives to achieve. Through our efforts, we endeavor to drive change and commit to scaled-up innovative solutions to achieve the 2030 Agenda and fifth Sustainable Development Goal by empowering women and girls.

Our most recent venture to achieve the same was #TheUnstoppables: Do It Like Her! campaign in collaboration with United Nations Volunteer India​. From ​5th March 2021 to ​19th March 2021​, to mark the ​International Women’s Day, 2021, we focused on Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World. The campaign broughttogether successful women entrepreneurs of different communities who are working in different domains by overcoming the challenges the pandemic has hurled their way. Our aim was to inspire youth through their incredible success stories and accelerate women’s growth across sectors/industries by highlighting the contributions made by these inspiring women. The womentrepreneurs shared their major resources, key takeaways and learnings with our audience through feature videos, inspiring aspiring changemakers. The campaign also helped us learn a lot by interacting with our audience to discuss their own personal experience but also engage with the youth in brainstorming innovative solutions to eradicate the problems these women faced along their journey.

From organizations that help make business “planet positive” to the ones that build women’s entrepreneurial skills, the campaign came to life with stories of incredible female changemakers. One of the womentrepreneurs to share her journey with us is Soumya Dabriwal, Founder of Project Baala, an innovative menstrual health solution provider. According to her, “persistency and consistency will lead you towards achievement of your goal!” Megha Bhatia is the founder of OUR VOIX a youth led organization working on primary prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by sensitizing children, parents and teachers. She has been bestowed with numerous accolades and awards like India Volunteer Award 2019, Country Director for Global Peace Chain, India through her work. Another amazing changemaker to share her journey with us is Sherin Sunny. The main objective of her project, Stree shakti, is to build a women skill entrepreneur unit, and according to her, “Nothing is impossible” even in the face of hurdles.

In addition to the videos, various resources like online courses and various schemes that are being implemented by government were also introduced so that our viewers can learn more about the journey of these incredible women. By amplifying voices like theirs, we aim to reach more such women entrepreneurs and brave hearts who went against every odd to build their dream from scratch.  


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