Diwali Rendezvous

MASH Project Foundation organized its virtual Diwali Rendezvous on Saturday, 7th November 2020. All the MASHkots came dressed up in ethnic wear adapting to the new normal and having e-celebrations. The idea was to keep the yearly tradition and festivities going even if it was online.
Alumni MASHkots were also invited to celebrate the festival of lights and all the MASHkots were elated and had fun. Everyone shared their best memories from previous year’s celebrations. Every year, MASHkots would get together and meet up in the MASH office to make rangolis, have sweets and dance. This year, they met to play some online games.

The rendezvous started with a fun activity where everyone had to depict what they were feeling through emoticons. This was a fun icebreaker to set the mood of the meeting. The second activity was a Word Tambola! Out of a lot of words on the screen, participants had to write down any 10. The twist was instead of reciting the words out loud, they were pictorially presented on the screen. Participants had to identify their words and whoever got all 10 won the game. This was followed by a ‘Best-dressed’ award game. Every MASHkot came into the spotlight, introduced themselves, and showed what they were wearing. Finally, in a poll, the MASHkot with the highest votes won the game! MASHkot Harshita won the title!

All through the session, there was light music playing in the background which lit up everyone’s mood. All the MASHkot were more than happy and satisfied to have the celebration together and took an e-group photo!

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