#SkillfulSaturday Session on Breathing and meditation session for our Mashkots

MASH Project Foundation organized an interactive session on Breathing and meditation on 10th October 2020 led by Arindam Kalra, Founder, Observ for its volunteers under #SkillfulSaturday, which is an initiative for our community of youth volunteers (MashKots) to train them with life skills required to become changemakers. 

Arindam began the half-hour-long session with a question to understand the volunteers and their understanding of meditation. He told everyone to sit straight on a chair comfortably in a distraction-free environment and asked everyone to focus on their breath (in and out). He turned on soothing music in the background and asked everyone to take a long breath and slow down the exhales. He asked to take the right hand and softly place on the stomach, and continue breathing. Without putting any special effort. Focus on the breath. Use the senses – sense of smell or hear around. Once again bring the awareness back to the breath. He then shared that if anyone loses their focus, simply come back to the breath again. 

After this exercise, he asked everyone how are they feeling – calm or restless and particularly mention that it is okay to feel weird and uneasy in the first few sessions of meditation because it takes time to find comfort. It’s a training of mind or when one does it for the first time, it might feel weird. The more one trains, the easier, it becomes for them. Meditation makes everyone more mindful. However, most of the Mashkots felt calm and relaxing.

At the end of the session, Arindam answered all the questions raised by the MashKots. This session was indeed a timely one for all the Mashkots and help them understand the importance of meditation in a chaotic life and steps to meditate as a beginner.

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