Effective Storytelling and Social Media for Young Changemakers

Mash Project Foundation along with UNV India hosted a workshop on Effective Storytelling and Social Media for Young Changemakers on 19th September, 2020. The workshop focused on some key areas dealt by the audience of Civil Society Organisations and Young Social Enterprises. The workshop was meant to find ways to use social media and storytelling as a medium to engage audience and volunteers alike.

The speaker for the workshop was Ms. Rhythm Sachdeva, who is an Independent Communications Consultant with a heartbeat for impact-driven initiatives. Taking forward her learning from Goonj, Young India Foundation and GiveIndia, she dreams to design digital communication solutions that support such organisations to scale their impact. The workshop endeavoured questions related to social media. Rhythm focused on the need  of social media with respect to CSRs and volunteers. She discussed as how volunteers can be connected using social media. The importance of LinkedIn to connect with CSRs and how online connectivity has become very important especially during this Coronavirus pandemic were also laid emphasis on. The importance of using a profile over a page was discussed as it gives a more personal touch. Ms. Rhythm said that a good practice is to reply to comments because it increases engagement and reach and it also helps different NGOs connect with other NGOs.

The importance of Instagram to connect with volunteers and contributors was discussed. The need to lay emphasis on quality of post was stressed on in the workshop as well. DM strategy which means direct message technique was also explained and its importance to connect with volunteers and develop a strong bond was also emphasised. She added that the NGOs day-to-day operations and the interested volunteers positive traits should be merged and to automatically create new horizons. Ways to be in touch with volunteers were also explained. How a small “Thank You” for their sharing and commenting and  non-profit organisations should also highlight the efforts of their top volunteers to instill confidence in them. 

After the end of the presentation by Ms. Rhythm, the spectators asked questions regarding the presentation. All the questions were given utmost respect and were answered excellently by Ms. Rhythm.

Overall, it was great learning experience for non-profit organisations, volunteers and CSRs who got to know about the power of social media and how it can help in making the world a better place to live in.

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