Let’s MASH Up- Rendevouz

MASH Project Foundation organized its virtual Rendezvous on Friday, 4th September 2020. Seeing the current situation of the new normal and keeping in mind the what people are going through, the theme for the rendezvous was kept “Let’s MASH Up”. The central idea of the theme was to connect all the MASHkots and give them a chance to bond with their fellow mates.
Two activities as a part of the session were conducted. In the end, there was a virtual farewell for all the people who have completed their tenure at MASH in recent time. The activities were fun-packed and well organised and executed by the HR team. 
The first activity was “Let’s Catch Up”. As the name suggests it was an activity to get to know each other better, introduce the new MASHkots, and share our life interests and life events amid this pandemic. The activities chosen were thoughtful. During the activity, MASHkots were divided into groups of two and each pair was sent into the break-out room. The aim was to communicate and find three things common between each other within the given time limit. There were three breakout room rounds. The whole activity turned out to be highly engaging, mirthful and exciting. It was such leisure to connect and know about each other. Everyone’s euphoria level was high after the activity. 

The second activity was “Highlights of MASHkots in MASH”. The HR team asked each team to express their memory, experience and highlight of the August month. The combined answers of every department were presented one by one. Collective responses of the team were presented by the representative individually or along with the team. Through this activity, we came to know about activities going on in cross departments. It was astonishing to know how virtually we were able to connect with each other so well. Every department shared about the work it has done in the previous month. Through this way connections and coordination strengthened between the teams.
The Rendezvous was a huge success and it turned out to be entertaining, engaging and fun. The hard work of the HR team in organizing such an event totally paid off. 
The Rendezvous ended with an emotional affair of bidding farewell. A combined farewell, organized for all the mashkots who completed their tenure in MASH in the month of August. A farewell is an expressive and emotional event for everyone and it’s always the duty of MASH to give the best farewell to its MASHkots. Various activities were conducted to make it a fun farewell. One activity was to guess the mashkot through the qualities and traits. It was an amazingly exectuted activity. All the leaving MASHkots shared their best moments at MASH. They shared their experiences and what all MASH has taught them in all the possible ways and in different fields, be it communication, patience, the art of networking and reaching out, multitasking and what not.
We also heard from Aashish, the Co-Founder of MASH Project Foundation, that how every MASHkot is important and has his/her own significance in the organisation. He expressed how everyone who has been a part of MASH has taught him so much. He appreciated the effort put in by everyone and concluded with the line “Once a MASHkot, Always a MASHkot”.

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