Social Media Redefining the Pursuit of Social Change

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people” – Dave Willis
In just one decade, social media has become a crucial part of everyone’s daily life. It is the most accessible, affordable, and feasible platform to connect with the world. The most widely used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. The impact of social media on the way we live our lives is undeniable. It’s a platform for like-minded people to congregate in online tribes and communities to discuss everything from their favorite TV shows to alien conspiracy theories. These platforms give users the opportunity to share and discuss their views on an open forum. The spectrum of content shared on social media that has broadened over time has given rise to a new opportunity to share news of social injustices, called agreeing users to unite in the face of inequality and create impact.
Recent statistics suggest that there are more than three billion active social media users in the World. This has created a digitalized world where social media has ‘given a voice to the people’, as civil society can use social media to express concerns. It is this very quality of social media platforms that can fill people with the disgust-driven passion to make positive changes in the world.
Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and fundraising organisations can execute more successful campaigns about issues that matter and have been able to reach more people. To name a few, NPOs like Goonj, CRY and Project Nanhi Kali are doing an incredible job of using social media effectively. They have created a wider audience on the platform. Also, they have been able to generate funds for various social causes by easily connecting with donors. Organizations can share their story with masses to create awareness and people can empathize with them by connecting as a volunteer or a donor or a supporter. Social media accounts have tons of raw data that can be effectively transformed into feedback and analytics. This is essential to the success of any cause, or initiative where an audience or customer base plays a major role.
Social media has made the world a small space by allowing mass cultural exchange and intercultural communication. It provides a space for everyone to #BeAVoice and join in a very crucial conversations all across the world. The recent campaign around “Black Lives Matter” is a very good example that shows how social media can become a voice of the masses. From social media post to global movement, it reached to every continent, many defying coronavirus restrictions. Millions of people all over the world participated in this movement. As per reports, 16 million to 26 million people participated in the demonstrations in the United states of America only.
Social media and the use of social networking sites is a trend that almost every Indian follows. Social media helps to improve an individual’s sense of connectedness with the communities. It is an effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs, NGOs, etc. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Reddit are some of the most popular platforms which every social enterprise can make the most out of it. First, learn their features and use the data and facts. Integrate a donate button. Always be consistent and keep a steady stream of visual content. Also, do share and comment on other’s content as well.
These platforms are an instrumental tool in distributing information and motivating change. The power of a group of people sharing the same beliefs is one thing, but the power of millions of users worldwide standing in solidarity with one another through shared passion is another level of potential for change altogether. Together, we can harness the power of social media to create the social change necessary to bring us to a world.
As a responsible social enterprise which aims to empower young people, MASH Project Foundation is conducting a workshop about “Effective Social Media & Storytelling for Young Social Changemakers” on 19th September 2020 to create awareness among various stakeholders about leveraging their growth through important social media platforms for their non-profits/social enterprises with equal emphasis on ways of connecting with CSRs and volunteers during this period of COVID 19 pandemic. 
Registration Link:

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