Chat with Changemaker session – July 2020

Mash organized “Chat with Changemaker” session on 31st July 2020. The speaker for the session was Ms. Anu Sachdev, Co-founder and Director of The Change Designers and changemaker herself. 
Anu shared her life learnings by initiating candid conversations. She focused on identifying and discussing the importance of 21st century skills.
The session began with a little chit chat between our speaker Anu and the Mashkots. The participants talked about their lives amid the lockdown. Post that, Anu shared a short story base on her experience and learning. The story highlighted how changing things in ourselves can bring huge changes in the world. Anu said “It is important to do internal work in order to be a change maker.”
Ms. Sachdev then discussed the role of connections and networking for becoming a change maker. Considering it might be a difficult task for few people to connect, Anu suggested that finding mutual interests with can be helpful. 
Through her journey of becoming a change maker, Anu realized that feedback is an important part of the process. “Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of asking for feedback. It tells where the problem lies and also what can be its solution” she reiterated. 
Anu believes “If one follows the right path, does the right thing, and has the courage to raise our voice then there is a 100% chance of bringing the change in the world”. 
Changing the world seems formidable and impossible to few people but it is completely possible. And the wisdom to solve the problem lies nowhere but within the community itself. Everyone has wisdom in them and should use the existing wisdom to replicate and promote it as much as possible. 
To be a change maker, it is very essential to do the right amount of research in the right direction. According to Anu’s experience, research does change the approach. She said,  “if you wish to change the world, go to people. Do whatever you can and whatever you want but with great love and passion. Whenever there is a feeling of lack of resources, always talk to new people.”
Anu identified Communication as the most important skill if you want to become a changemaker. She asked us to remember three things, i.e., speak up, show up and  never give up.
Communication skills can prove to be a superpower if used wisely. Directly or indirectly, the solution to any problem lies in the superpower of communication. There is enough proof to say that communication can change the world.
The session ended with Anu summarising the two key takeaways from her experience ,i.e “always pass on the kindness and superpower you possess to the world”, and “you are not alone, the world is with you”.  

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