Community Connect: Unlocking Skills for Yuva

MASH Project Foundation organized an interactive session on ‘Community Connect: Unlocking Skills for Yuva’ on 15th July 2020. This year’s theme for World Youth Skills Day was “Skills for a Resilient Youth”. The whole session was led by multi-stakeholders together which provided a platform to our young audience to learn from the panelists, followed by a session by Harappa Education on Skills that build resilience through its Embracing Change course. As there has been a shift in landscape of skills, It is an important occasion to learn, collaborate and create opportunities for the future of our young people.
As we could jot down the insights from the panelists on how the patterns of upskilling, hiring employment has changed post pandemic, the panelists penned down their few points on the current situation. It hovered around the employment opportunities and need of the hour to raise employment opportunities by bringing entrepreneurial spirit to boost the opportunities further. As Ankit Durga pointed out the techtonic and technical shift in designing teams with the base of efficiency has shifted to bases of resilience. As pandemic has affected all major domains like tourism, F&B Logistics, retail, trading, there will be a massive HR transformation, Manish Joshi also pointed out on how critical skills are at the present moment to survive along with the grit to last long. 
Philip Mathew and Shweta Avilash Bisht highlighted the equal importance of Primary, Secondary and the Service Sector, and the requirement to shift from Service sectors to the  other two to have a balanced economy and financial growth, depicting the context of Atmanirbhar concept in India. Meanwhile, we got some insights about the Hospitality industry from Angad Singh Rana, about the challenges and myths surrounding the growth of it. Further, Yashveer Singh discussed around the adaptation to embrace the current changes and adopt lifelong learning, series of experiences and create a mindset of being resilient.
Following are some critical points laid down by the panelists respectively on how the Youth should upskill, where to scale up, platforms available and the domains to focus on.
Ankit Durga, Co- Founder & CEO, Skillr
  • Importance of recognition of required skills by EMPLOYERS – a. Reorganisation; b. Agile Team.
  • Employees should focus on – a. General Cognitive Ability; b. World Related Knowledge;  c. Leadership Qualities.
  • Measuring self-skills regularly to improvise and finding the right mentors for the same.
  • Hot Domains: a. Cloud Computing; b. Product Designing; c. Project Management; d. Digital Marketing.
Takeaway : Students Should Start to consider Entrepreneurship soon.
Manish Joshi, Higher Education Specialist, UNESCO
  • Necessity and need of the hour to be resilient to tackle hurdles and grasp the right opportunities.
  • Analysing the current opportunities: a. Investment in upskilling; b. Open to entrepreneurial ventures; c. Open to any opportunity irrespective of educational background; d. Use the opportunity effectively. 
  • Hot Domains: a. Data Analytics; b. Great opportunities in volunteering.
Takeaway: Take Charge of your upskilling, stay strong and resilient.
Philip Mathew, Senior Consultant- Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 
  • Skilling of not just service sectors, but to avail skilling to all the sectors, depicting the context of Atmanirbhar India.
  • Generate employment than to  provide one, which can be pushed by entrepreneurship and startup initiatives.
  • Localisation of enterprises to help all the sectors; Human Development skills; 3D Skills; Supporting financially the initiatives; Ability to change, think creatively.
  •  Atmanirbhar skilled employee mapping to connect employer and employee across India, some schemes run by the Government of India:  Jammu Govt. Provides Schemes, PM Yuva, Ustad Scheme, PM FME (FmCG Industry), ‘KHIMAYAT’.T.
Takeaway: Do not aim for Skilling for Employment but aim for creating Employment. 
Yashveer Singh, Co- Founder & Global Director, Ashoka Young Changemakers
  • Adapting skills for longterm basis
  • Ability to take initiatives; changemakers skills; networking efficiently;create job themselves; protect business models
Takeaway: Adopt lifelong learning, series of experiences and create a mindset of being resilient.
Shweta Avilash Bisht, Independent Consultant, Skill Development
  • New space of green jobs and green ecosystem, streamlining organic farming, waste management.
  • 4Ps: 1) Prioritise 2)Plan financial models 3)Pick skills(Data Skills, IT Skills) 4) Be a Problem Solver.
  • Be a value addition to the society.
Takeaway: Solution is within Nano-entrepreneurship and self employment.
Angad Singh Rana, World Skills Champion 
  • Skilled person is not only a job seeker but a job provider, creating trends, opportunities and revolutionizing the industry.
  • Skills are basic, its the passion that will take us forward in this uncertain period.
Takeaway: Stay positive, Stay passionate. Learn quality skills to tackle everything. 
The session was followed up with some question answer rounds and ensuite a session by Harappa Education on How do we embrace change? and What skills are required to be resilient? 
The session focussed on powerful frameworks on building resilience and navigating setbacks which are much needed skills for the current situation. The session was led by Ms. Seema Chowdhary, Vice President Curriculum, Harappa Education joined by her colleague Soumya Seth. 

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