Crises Response for Amphan Campaign by MASH

Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan hit Eastern India especially West Bengal on May 2020. It was a category 5 cyclone and caused tremendous damage to life and property. People were left homeless and there was scarcity of basic services and relief material.In these times, when nature was at its deadliest, MASH Project Foundation came forward and started off its initiative ‘Crisis Response for Amphan’ to be #collectiveforcrisis.
MASH Project Foundation (MASH) extended support to the organisations, working in the region to gain social media outreach for fundraising drives. This enabled the organisations to raise funds for their deeds. Close to a dozen NGOs were helped to raise funds to continue their good work and support the strangled. 
MASH also helped to bridge the gap between different NGOs so that all these organisations are able to communicate and coordinate with each other and provide support where deemed possible. Our work was appreciated by reputed NGOs like Paint it Red, Rural Healthcare Foundation and Y-East to name a few. 
Ananya Chhaochharia, the founder of Paint it Red praised MASH’s effort in improving the situation of women in the Amphan affected region by stating, “MASH has supported Paint it Red’s endeavour of providing menstrual kits to women across West Bengal in areas affected by the super cyclone Amphan in June 2020. Prabhu and his team were extremely forthcoming in helping us with resources that could ensure our seamless operations. The biggest help they provided was by getting us more volunteers who spoke the local language and have in fact become an integral part of our team. The support of MASH helps small organizations like Paint it Red to persist in their mission!” 
Anurag Chanda, the founder of Fingers Crossed Foundation also praised the team for it’s efforts, “It has been a wonderful experience while working with Mash. Their support specially in these trying times for the people of Bengal has been widely acknowledged from the various sections of the society. Fingers Crossed Foundation has been fortunate enough to associate itself with Mash’s Amphan Relief Initiative and together with their huge network of volunteers we have been able to extend our support to more than 200 ailing families from the affected areas in Sundarbans, providing them with relief materials. We would like to thank the entire Team of Mash Project India for this thoughtful initiative, which was launched right when it was needed the most.”
MASH also ran a volunteer recruitment programme to help the organisations get volunteers for their work which was extremely necessary during these needful times. MASH collaborated various colleges in Kolkata such as St. Xavier’s and Loreto College to recruit volunteers and received support from a score of volunteers, both on ground and off ground. The volunteers had an amazing experience and described  the same in following way.
“The response I got from MASH after applying was really overwhelming. They have supported me and always looked out for the best opportunities that they could provide. When I got selected for Uttoran, I was very excited. The work they are doing is wonderful. Both Arunangshu Sir and Aparupa ma’am have been extremely warm and helpful. The workspace is excellent as it allows me to work on my ideas and has given me the chance to have new experiences. I’m really thankful to MASH for giving me such a wonderful experience.” said Shayori Banerjee. 
Pratusha Ghosh, a volunteer said “For people like me who do not know how to lend your hand for the welfare of the society but are eager to Mash Organization has been a great opportunity. On contacting the MASH, I was further linked with various small organization keeping in mind my specifications. I have been in constant contact with the other volunteers from the Mash organization letting me know about further opportunities and keeping a tab of the work being done. I am glad to come across Mash organization and become a small part of this movement.” 
Jogita Agarwal, a student also showed her gratitude towards Mash, “I have been working for the past one month. During this one month I have learned about life, humanity and how Fingers Crossed is dedicated towards such a social cause. I can confidently say that Mr. Anurag Chanda has a great vision for Fingers Crossed and his dedication towards upliftment of the needy in the society is unbelievable. Fingers Crossed will always be special to me and I am proud to be part of such NGO.”
MASH Project Foundation is greatful to have been able to contribute for the betterment of the people. It was a huge learning experience for the team and made it ready  to tackle any unforeseen situations  that may happen in the future.

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