#SkillfulSaturday Session on Resume Building for our MashKots

MASH Project Foundation organized an interactive session on ‘Resume Building’ on 18th July 2020 led by Aishwariya Chauhan, Head, Student Engagement, Talerang for its volunteers under its initiative #SkillfulSaturday, which is an initiative for our community of youth volunteers (MashKots) to train them with skills required to become changemakers.
A well-written resume is a key to promoting oneself but creating one is easier said than done. Hence the aim of the workshop was to better equip our Mashkots with the rules to Resume writing. 
The 1-hour long interactive session started with a small self awareness game, wherein all the MashKots were asked to type in the first word that crossed their mind, when a  particular word was flashed on the screen by Aishwariya
Aishwariya shared with us a Resume Rubric, which consisted of four categories employers look for when evaluating a resume. The four categories are Intelligence, Relevance, Results and Consistency. To better explain the usability of the Resume Rubric, Aishwariya took a sample resume and evaluated it with the MashKots.
Aishwariya  shared with the MashKots guidelines regarding formatting, drafting work description, structure to be followed and key practices for making an effective resume which would speak volumes about one’s achievements and capabilities. 
At the end of the session, Aishwarya answered all the questions raised by the MashKots. This session was indeed a timely one for all the Mashkots and gave insightful and practical rules for making an effective resume.

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