MASH Rendezvous for June 2020 – MASHKots Farewell

The third virtual Rendezvous was organised by Mash Project on June 27, 2020. The 2-hour session was a fun-filled and emotional affair at the same time as it was the moment to bid adieu to all our outgoing MASHKots and welcome the new budding MASHKots who were ready to begin their journey with the organisation, therefore the theme fittingly was “MASHKots Farewell”. 
 All the MASHKots were very excited for Rendezvous as every session of it brings something new to the table. The new MASHKots were especially excited as they had never experienced anything so fun-filled ever. The session included MASHKots from all over the country. There were more than … MASHKots attending this virtual event. The first activity of the day was”Word Play”. The activity required the participants to tell a word related to a social issue prevailing in society. The activity was intriguing as everyone had to come up with a word really quick. There was a competitive spirit visible throughout the duration of the game as everyone wants to win bragging rights.
The session proceeds with the second game of the day which was “Would you rather.”. One would have surely played this game at least once in his life with different options such as food or animal. This one was different as it involved the MASHKots to choose from among the most important social issues that the MASHKots had themselves chosen. After choosing a social issue, they had to also elaborate as to why did they choose it. The game was really informative as everyone got to hear the coronary feelings of others. The game was played with great dedication and everyone took part in it.
 The final segment of the day the highlight of the Rendezvous as farewell was given to all the outdoing MASHKots. All of them shared their beautiful memories in association with the team and got emotional in the process. A fun game was played on the occasion of this farewell. The game involved the MASHKots to guess the name of the MASHKot whose photo had been edited by the team. It was a great game as the photos have been hilariously edited which brought smiles onto the faces of all. 
 Towards the end, everyone showed their gratitude and hoped for a better future for everyone. Then came the most emotional moment where the outgoing MASHKots bid a tearful goodbye with the motto that “Once a MASHKot, always a MASHKot”. 
 Overall, the Rendezvous was a great and entertaining experience which witnessed the passing of the baton from the outgoing into the hands of the incoming MASHKots.

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