Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs during COVID-19

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction” – John C. Crosby 
MASH Project Foundation, under its COVID Action initiative organised an Expert Session on Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs during COVID-19 on 18th June 2020. The session aimed at bringing leaders from diverse backgrounds and have rich experience with mentorship for young entrepreneurs. COVID-19 has immensely impacted the business and the startup sector. A successful entrepreneur is always backed by a resilient mentor.
The distinguished speakers on the panel included Priyadeep Sinha (Vice-President, GAME); Anshu Bhartia (CEO, UnLtd India) and Archana Chavan (Senior Program Manager, Mentor Together). The event was moderated by Aashish Beergi, Co-Founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation.
It was a thoughtful session where the three speakers shared their experiences and insights on the need of Mentorship, identifying the right guide and further on how to actually find the relevant resources. They were able to guide the participants towards the right path to be followed in order to find the right person at the right stage of the entrepreneurial venture. The session had a very inquisitive and enthusiastic audience who gathered together for an informative and insightful session by the distinguished speakers from different fields to address the various budding young entrepreneurs.
The session started with the few insights on the need of Mentors and the probable programmes curated for such requirements by the organisations. The conversation hovered more on the the layouts designed currently on how entrepreneurs, students, youth and socially disadvantaged people can access such mentoring programmes online with greater accessibility. Ensuite, was followed by a round of question answers between the participants and speakers.
The topic of discussion revolved around primarily on the consistency to be built between the mentors and the mentees, which proves to be the fundamental of this relationship for exponential growth. Pondering upon networking, Archana laid down few aspects of how important is networking for building further career paths. Further the, periodic updation and proper structure was a pivotal point marked by Priyadeep. The discussion also strongly hovered around conflict management, where Archana pointed out the need to pay heed by the mentors on key areas of conflicts and a proper structure will be able to resolve them better. 
Looking at the current scenario and agreeing more with the speakers, one can truly find out the need of mentors and the ecosystem supporting the same. The connection can be made on easier notes, but finding the right guide, the right coach for oneself would require a lot of research and persistence, which will surely help growing in long-term. Trust is a two-way street, will definitely take time but will be worth it! MASH Project Foundation under its COVID Action initiative aims to bring many more engaging and insightful conversations from industry leaders. Please keep watching this space to learn more.
You can watch the complete recording of the session on Facebook.
COVID Action is an initiative by MASH Project Foundation endeavours to provide a platform for the collaborators who want to bring about a positive change in the society when a pandemic has gripped the nation. Know more about our initiative and our work on and you can connect with us on

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