A session on Efficient with Excel

On 20th June 2020, we hosted another #SkillfulSaturday session, which is an initiative for our community of youth volunteers (MashKots) to train them with skills required to become changemakers.  The Theme was on ‘Efficient with Excel’ and taken by our executive director Mr. Prabhu Kunwar Singh.
Prabhu- skillful saturday
MS Excel is perhaps the most used program used in the workplace today. So many workers and prospective employees are required to learn Excel to enter or remain in the workplace. Excel is used in performing everyday functional tasks. In MASH Project, every community is using excel to perform daily work. Therefore we thought that our volunteers, MashKots can learn new tricks and shortcuts to make their daily tasks on excel more efficient and quick.
The session was interactive and a live session. Before the session, the attendees filled a form that helped Prabhu to understand what the attendees really want to learn and which functions they mostly use daily in the workplace. 
All the attendees were working on their laptop and performing the functions as per guidance given by Prabhu. The attendees learned from basic functions to advanced functions like merging of cells, bordering, and data validations. In Data validation, the attendees also learned how to work on calendar function and how to know the status of the work. Various shortcuts were also shared by Prabhu and the attendees were practicing on their laptop at the time. The attendees also learned to define keys with the help of different colors and how to check duplicates. Prabhu also guided the attendees to use the conditional formatting feature and how to do it on their sheet. 
At the end of the session, all the attendees could learn many functions and shortcuts which will help them in their daily work. The attendees also showed their demo dashboards which they were working on during their session.
All in all, it was an extremely informative and amazing session.

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