Expert Session on Career Guidance: Being Future Ready in 2020

MASH Project Foundation in collaboration with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) India organised a Virtual V-Hive – Being Future Ready in 2020: An Expert Session on Career Guidance for the students of University of Delhi on Thursday, 11th June 2020  from 6:30- 7:30 PM (IST).
V-Hive is a flagship initiative of UN Volunteers India that aims to create a platform for young college students to discuss and learn about social issues and become agents of behavioural change. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about uncertainty and has fundamentally altered the ways in which we approach work and learning. With more than a third of mankind thrown into lockdown, this pandemic has accelerated the need to learn new and unconventional learning techniques and relevant life skills to effectively cope with these times. In order to be prepared for tomorrow there is a need to transition to the digital world and expand one’s skill set so that we thrive and not just survive in this new normal.
Through the webinar, we aimed to address the exigency of the requisite skills to help young minds understand the situation post the pandemic and also provide an insight on how future corporate goals can be achieved with the best use of such skills.
The session was facilitated by two career guidance experts, Ms. Shilpa Singh and Mr. Dipankar Trehan from Mindler. They have trained a number of individuals in employability and professional skills and have worked with a multitude of organisations. Prabhu Kunwar Singh, Executive Director at MASH Project Foundation, moderated the session.
It was a thoughtful session where the two career coaches shared their expertise on essential life skills and planning techniques to achieve long-term and short-term goals in 2020. They were able to guide the participants towards the right path to be followed in order to be future ready with the desired skills. 
The session was able to give pertinent insights and tips on how to approach the current situation and guided the students on how to emerge as successful professionals. 
Shilpa highlighted the scenario we are in globally and everything that is happening to the world which tends to impact the various industries post the pandemic. She mentioned the three key areas that every young individual needs to focus on i.e., the communication skills, analytical skills and critical thinking. She described the relevance of communication skills for achieving things in an online format.
Dipankar emphasized on the idea of integrity in people. One should be able to empathize with other people and that empathy can be tagged along with the communication skills that are needed in a formal set up.
Shilpa explained that the crux of critical thinking comes from philosophy. In order to build a good skill set, one should look at various areas of study to gain knowledge and deep understanding. Moreover, one should generate the ability to be multidisciplinary in their approach. In the last 20 minutes of the session the speakers actively engaged with the participants in an informative Q & A round where they answered all the queries and doubts of the participants.
Arun Sahdeo from UNV India concluded the session explaining the V-hive sessions that they organise and how UNV promotes volunteering across the globe to provide students with an opportunity to learn and grow.
The workshop had over 100 participants and we received a very positive feedback from the participants! We look ahead to organising many more such valuable sessions. 
COVID Action is an initiative by MASH Project Foundation endeavours to provide a platform for the collaborators who want to bring about a positive change in the society when a pandemic has gripped the nation. Know more about our initiative and our work on and you can connect with us on

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