Expert Session on Building Youth Entrepreneurship during COVID-19

COVID Action, an initiative by MASH Project Foundation, is an attempt to make a positive impact in the society and help changemakers in these unprecedented times. COVID Action’s Expert Session on ‘Building Youth Entrepreneurship during COVID-19’ was a session organized in collaboration with SocioStory, to address the impact of pandemic on entrepreneurial activities for youth and was conducted on June 6, 2020 from 4-5 PM (IST). The distinguished speakers on the panel included Yashveer Singh, Co-Founder and Global Director of Ashoka Young Changemakers; Umang Shridhar, Founder of KhaDigi and Praveen Karn, Group Head-CSR, Spark Minda Ltd. The event was moderated by Aashish Beergi, Co-Founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation.

The session had a very inquisitive and enthusiastic audience who gathered together for an informative and insightful session by the distinguished speakers from different fields to address the various budding young entrepreneurs. It was an hour-long discussion covering various topics such as impact of pandemic on entrepreneurial activities for youth, building entrepreneurial resilience and other skills for young minds as well as different opportunities provided by the public and the private sector to support them.

The Session started with an interaction with the three panelists on various questions such as some of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs during COVID-19 to the opportunities during these times. Proceeding with the session, next was the question and answers between the participants and the speakers. One of the question’s that popped was, that with the advent of rural development, How can one empower rural talent in locals? To this, Mr. Yashveer ji replied that, reaching out to people for learning, talking to existing entrepreneurs, local leadership promotion and an orientation of proper plan to bring these out may be some of the solutions.
All the team members as well as I believe that Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour! The country needs its young minds with their innovative zeal, vigour and energy can bring about a new work culture and lead the economy in the post COVID-19 world. The hour- long session rounded up with a Q&A round between the speakers and the attendees. MASH Project Foundation under its COVID Action initiative aims to bring many more engaging and insightful conversations from industry leaders. Please keep watching this space to learn more.
Also, you can watch the complete recording of the session on Facebook –

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