Capacity Building Workshop on Intelligent Fundraising

COVID Action, an initiative by MASH Project Foundation endeavours to provide a platform for the collaborators who want to bring about a positive change in the society when a pandemic has gripped the nation. Under COVID Action, We organised a virtual Capacity Building Workshop on Transitioning from Traditional Fundraising to Intelligent Fundraising on the 4th of June, 2020 from 4-5PM (IST)
With a nationwide lockdown imposed, organisations are turning to the digital media to raise money and support those in need. The agenda of the workshop was to help organisations explore alternative ways of fundraising discuss the ways in which organisations can adapt to the uncertainties when all in person activities and events have come to a halt. Through the webinar we aimed to come up with solutions, whether it is related to identifying potential donors, knowing about the donor landscape, developing an effective fundraising strategy, contacting grantmaking foundations or drafting proposals.
The session was facilitated by Mr.Bethun Bhowmik, Vice President at Crowdera who has helped many organizations get digitally transformed and raise funds upto 20X more using intelligent fundraising and tools. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder & CEO of MASH Project Foundation moderated the session.
It was an insightful session where Bethun shared his expertise, guided the participants on how to diligently use the existing resources to raise funds via various real life case studies, the participants answered a few polls and at the end of the event the speaker engaged in a Q & A round with the attendees.
Bethun highlighted the fact that we now live in a giving Economy where NGOs, philanthropies, corporates and individuals can seamlessly syndicate to do more good and build positive brand perception and literally create 100X more. He stated that a giving economy is built on Three Giving Behaviours: Helping Strangers, Giving Money to NGOs and Volunteering Time. Among which India stands first in world in 2 out of 3 behaviours, Donating Money and Volunteering Time. He emphasized on the fact that Partnership and Networks are the key to success in Fundraising.
He also spoke about how his organisation, Crowdera is helping NGOs Fundraise Intelligently by providing comprehensive SaaS based technologies and empowering NGOs to fundraise up to 100X more by enabling inbuilt virality with a 3-level deep syndication and team fundraising. 
He mentioned that over 85% f NGOs in India don’t even have a proper websites and to address this challenge, Crowdera has come up with a initiative for digital transformation of Indian NGOs where it will provide free digital fundraising tools including donation website button, and receipt compliance for Indian NGOs. Crowdera is offering their premium syndicated fundraising technology solutions for free to companies and NGOs working to the help the COVID19 affected individuals, families and health workers.
Bethun ended the session with 3 crucial donor management tips:
1. Keep updating Donor about how their money get utilize
2. Send email newsletters, videos for updates
3) Frequently Communicate with Donor
The workshop had over 100 unique organisations participating and we’ve receievd a very positive feedback from participants! We look ahead to organising many more such valuable programs, please let us know what you’d like us to organise next? Please email us at and learn more about COVID Action initiative on its website

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