MASH Rendezvous for May 2020 — MASHing Childhood

MASH Project organized its second virtual Rendezvous on Saturday, May 30, 2020. The 1 hour session was filled with full ardor and fun. To create a cherishing environment and to revive the old memories they decided the theme to be MASHing Childhood.
MASH Project always encourages team building activities and sessions. Therefore, the MASHKots were paired and asked to know each other before the Rendezvous. As they observed each other, they gave riveting tags ranging from Mr. Patient ,Mr. All Rounder to Ms. Workaholic. 
Going ahead with the day, they played an activity named PhotoBooth. There were funny and weird childhood pictures of MASHKots which made them all cherish their childhood even more. The intention behind this activity was to reinvigorate the childhood memories among the MASHKots.
Cherishing the values of MASH, the next activity was to know which ethic values of LLife our MASHKots resembles the most. LLife includes L for Learning, second L for Leadership, I stands for Inclusion, F for Fun and E stands for Excellence. MASHKots shared amazing experiences in the activity named ‘LLife of a MASHKot’. Where there were many MASHKots who resonated with the values leadership and fun, there were few who found excellence, inclusion and learning relatable. 
One of the MASHKots very beautifully concluded the Rendezvous by saying, “Often, we forget our old selves in the race of life, this Rendezvous was a much needed throwback to our childhoods. It has given me a reminder of how curious and full of life I was.” 
The day ended well with a gratitude session. Everyone had a lot of fun admiring their old selves and relishing their adorable childhood memories and going berserk laughing.

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