MASH Project in collaboration with Global Shapers- Delhi Hub held an invigorating session on the topic of Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene, ‘Let’s Talk. Period.’ The session was held live on Zoom, a videoconferencing application on Saturday, 16th of May. Global Shapers, Tanvi Singla and Nitisha Pandey took charge of the session, explaining to attendees how the choice of choosing a menstrual hygiene product is extremely important.

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Both panelists emphasized at various times during the session how their period project hopes to raise awareness on access and affordability of sanitary products. A need to open up a conversation on the topic of periods is extremely important in a society that harbors contempt for the menstrual process even though it’s understood that it is a cycle many go through. Tanvi and Nitisha also asked their attendees to use the term menstruator for those who get their period as it’s not just cisgender women who get their period, it may be transgender men as well as transgender women who menstruate. The basics of the period were introduced to the audience and terms such as Menopause and Menarche were discussed. The female autonomy was explained in detail so that the audience could understand the process of how menstruation occurs.

The panelists then switched to the topic of menstrual hygiene products and explained the composition of a sanitary napkin and its ill-effects on our environment. Sanitary napkins have been sources of diseases as well as infections in the past to many and it is suggested that it may be necessary to switch for the benefit of not only one’s health but also for the benefit of our declining environment. The chemical riddled sanitary napkin filled with infection is also handled by laborers once disposed of who are then exposed to the same infection.

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The Global Shapers urged their audience to switch to an alternative product and they suggested menstrual cups or cloth pads. They explained how to use a menstrual cup and its long term benefits and spoke about biodegradable pads. The session was interactive with live polls being released in which the audience could actively participate. Consequently, the polls were then discussed. The session ended with a quick survey conducted in which the attendees filled on the spot with a link provided to them. The audience had a number of questions for the panelists during the Q&A round which was answered. All in all, it was an extremely informative and fruitful session.

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