Workshop for MashKots on Profile Building with LinkedIn

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future”, is a famous quote by Eric Hoffer and reminds one of how learning equips people to live in a world that is changing continuously. Keeping this in mind, we hosted a #SkillfulSaturday (on Monday) session, which is an initiative for our community of youth volunteers (MashKots) to train them with skills required to become changemakers. The theme was on Personal Profile Building and Leveraging the potential of LinkedIn and was led by Ms. Tanvi Bangia, Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn on 11th May 2020. 

This session was particularly planned to educate our MashKots on how to utilize their time and effort on profile building in a way that creates impact and attracts attention on a big and world-widely used platform, LinkedIn. The platform, as we all know helps us connect to the world outside that is full of chances and possibilities, for everyone – students, young professionals, organizations, and so on. 

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A social platform comprising of 675M+ members, 50M+ registered companies, 1M+ jobs posted every month, and 280B+ content updates and knowledge shared; needs to be used to its best extent and this is exactly what Tanvi guided us through. The presentation started with ‘WELCOME TO ROCK YOUR PROFILE’ written in Big Bold Letter and did full justice to this one-liner in the one hour of the session that followed. 

Some key points of the session included Introduction to LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn for networking and profile building followed by an insightful Q&A round. The introductory video was a great way to motivate each one of us and took us through the journey from being a student to becoming a CEO of a large organization! Some other important tips that were shared included the use of the Alumni Tool, connecting with friends, family, and professors through warm and customized invitations, setting up the Job Alert feature, and following companies, industries, and influencers.  The webinar ended with an interactive Q&A session which helped our volunteers learn a lot on how to maximize the power of LinkedIn’s platform and community.

All in all, it was a Skillful Monday, indeed! We look forward to hosting many more sessions like these as learning has no limit. As APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great”, we will make sure that we create a great and creative ecosystem for young changemakers!


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