COVID Action: Webinar on Future of Careers and Jobs post-COVID with Mindler

COVID Action is an initiative by MASH Project Foundation and building a bridge between resource providers and changemakers who are working to fight COVID-19 pandemic. COVID Action initiative organised an online webinar called ‘Engage4Change’ on ‘Future of Careers and Jobs post-COVID’ on Sunday, 10th May 2020. We had joined hands with Mindler, a leading career counseling organisation and had Ms. Shilpa Singh and Mr. Dipankar Trehan, Career Coaches at Mindler, who guided and helped the attendees find ground in these vulnerable times and had all their questions answered with the ways to take a meaningful step ahead. It was over an hour-long session focused on providing the attendee insights and recommendations on higher education and what can be done to increase their own employability in the coming years. 


Proceeding with the session, there were questions like, is it the right time to do Internships? Or what if the ones offered are not in my domain? As well as the alignment of the long-term vision with the short-one. The solution is a bit tricky, as our panelists suggested, if an internship is in a different sector, don’t let go of it, because in the long run, Experience adds up. “Being in HR, what we see is, how well-rounded a person is, is he/she able to handle different people, interact with them, handle different kinds of situation, so it helps a lot.” Thus, getting your hands dirty in all the domains is crucial.
The focus was also placed on higher education, and need to reiterate on what your aspirations are? For example- After a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, do you want to go for a Master’s Degree in Economics or an MBA? A lot of foreign universities will accept an undergraduate without work-experience for a master’s degree but definitely not for an MBA. “When you are looking abroad, traditionally the factors like ranking or placements, are going to be of less importance. Factors like, guardian, healthcare infrastructure, presence of the Indian community will be more prime. Considering the situation now, every 3 out of 5 students are deferring their admission offers this year. It doesn’t look very promising, so when you apply as a fresh applicant, you might be competing for fewer seats in a large cohort.” said Dipankar.
Another question that popped was that with the advent of E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, and Analytics, what will happen to people from a Non-Technology background say, in Humanities or Commerce? There will be opportunities in industries across the globe which will help in making AI more human. Areas like, online coaching, counseling sessions, consumer psychology, market research, gaming companies, political science, skills like content creation will be of utmost importance.
For fresher’s to increase their chances of being more employable, one must have a good learning curve, good communication skills, leadership appetite, and a desire to learn new things. At the beginning of your career, try to get as much experience as possible.
Being employable is not a worry but an opportunity. With the right investment in online learning and practical applications during these times, working on our own research or projects, publishing our work and views via blogs, and creating more sustainable options will help us go a long way. We believe that it will also help us grow in a more holistic manner. By the end, all the attendees were able to have their questions answered to plan effectively, in order to look ahead and grab the next best opportunity. 
We plan to have many more Engage4Change Webinars, please follow all the updates on our social media handles – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
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