A Session On Design Thinking For Complex Problem Solving

COVID Action, a well- thought initiative by MASH Project Foundation, is an attempt to make a positive impact in the society and help people in these unprecedented times. To lift the spirits of all our volunteers and guide them towards the common goal, COVID Action’s first full team call along with a learning session on Design Thinking and Project Management was organised on Sunday, 3rd May 2020. It was a two hour session that helped the team draft a future plan of action along with align towards the goals, followed by an informative and engaging session on design thinking.
Last Sunday afternoon we witnessed all the enthusiastic volunteers gathered together for the first full team call, excited to pitch in new ideas and suggestions and take the project to new heights. Going ahead with the suggestion, the second- half of it was followed by a helpful, meaningful and engaging session on design thinking and project management by Ms. Bethany Brice, a Master of Public Policy candidate at the National University of Singapore. She started the session by elaborating on the meaning of design thinking, followed by a discussion on the five stages and the five why’s that constitute design thinking and help us find a solution to any problem along with identifying its root cause.
Design thinking is a process that helps an individual solve complex problems and is a process for innovation. It is a human centered process, consisting of five stages- Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. The values constituted in the five stages helps an individual to answer the crucial questions- the Five Why’s and effectively reach the root cause of the problem and helping us find the most appropriate solution. The speaker elaborated on all the stages and the why’s effectively, along with pointers to incorporate the process consciously into our daily lives which were valuable to give us a good start.
All the team members as well as I believe that the choice of  Design Thinking as the first topic for the learning session will help us organise and direct ourselves better along with effectively handling various issues that we might face in the future. We believe that it will also help us function in a more organisational manner, helping us reach a wider audience in these vulnerable times and make our project a success. I believe that by incorporating design thinking and project management in my daily routine, I will be able to effectively manage time, use it in an efficient manner and deal with obstacles that I might face in the years to come.
The session rounded up with a Q-A session between the speaker and the team. By the end, all the members figured out the effective use of design thinking to bring about a positive change in our as well as others lives. The two hours flew by quick, concluding with a group photo of smiling faces of the team and the speaker.

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