Here’s What We Did At MASH’s First Virtual Rendezvous

At MASH, we value the time we spend with our team as it energizes us all, reminds of our shared interests and passion, and helps us stay connected. Even in pandemics, the need for team-spirit doesn’t stop, and neither did we! To maintain this spirit and bond better with the team, we organised a Rendezvous on Saturday, 25 April 2020. It was 2 hours that we enjoyed greatly as we played an engaging activity and learned some important lessons on self-care.  

Saturday’s afternoon witnessed the first virtual Rendezvous at MASH fueled with the spirit of enthusiasm and curiosity of our team amid this lockdown. To kick off with a bit of fun, MashKots played an intriguing game as a team-building exercise. MashKots from different communities were teamed up in pairs and were asked to connect with one another before the Rendezvous on Saturday, to find 4 things they have in common.  As everyone shared the commonalities they found, we realised just how much we share – a love for literature, interest in the same genre of music, and even a love for food!

Going ahead with the day, the MashKots got a chance to engage with interacted Ms Akanksha Chandele, founder of I Am – an organisation working to nurture positive mental wellbeing. She started the session by sharing her insights on the unusualness of the current circumstances and what we all are going through in this lockdown. To add a sense of relatability, she then shared some of her personal experiences like an erratic sleeping pattern, laziness etc. Later, she also explained a few concepts like body works, CPM (Connection Play and Mindfulness) etc. which could help us maintain our mental health. Towards the end of the session, MashKots were asked to share their moments of joy in this period. Joy for our volunteers existed in the little things – cooking, spending quality time with family, or simply just strolling on the terrace. As we shared, MashKots realised the importance of being thankful for the moments of joy, and look ahead to creating them consciously. 

The session and our Rendezvous concluded with Ms. Akanksha Chandele reminding us to stay connected, active and mindful during this time of the pandemic. The blissful 2 hours wind up with a group photo of smiling faces of enthusiastic MashKots and the speaker.

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