Chat With Changemaker: Venkat Krishnan

Venkat Sir sharing his personal experiences with MASH Project.

MASH Project Foundation conducted #ChatWithChangemaker for MashKots and young social change-makers on 11th July 2019. The Change Maker for the day was Mr. Venkat Krishnan, founder and former CEO of GiveIndia and one of the leading lights behind Daan Utsav, who talked about his experience and contribution in the development sector in the last three decades. Mr. Venkat Sir shared some insightful experiences and gave directions to MashKots and the young social change-makers, Mr. Manoj from Indian Volunteering Network, Megha Bhatia from Our Voix, and Shivam from Young Engine.
When asked about his high energy even at the age of 49, he replied “People have Monday blues but I have Monday highs. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and that makes all the difference.” He also emphasised on finding the purpose which drives an individual. On this note, one of the MashKots asked about how to find that purpose, to which he said, “list down five things which you would like to do and ask yourself which is the one thing you will give up the other four for.” He conveyed the importance of discipline and punctuality in life by sharing various experiences. The guiding principle of Venkat Sir is, do the things where you are an asset and not a liability.

Sir telling about importance of discipline and punctuality in life.

With discussions about things ranging from self evaluation to philanthropy, he highlighted the importance of giving back to the society and leaving a better world to live behind when you die. To be able to talk about the things you want to accomplish with someone who has already been on such a journey is a chance not everyone gets. That is why, conversations like these play such a vital role in helping you improve as an individual and as a changemaker.
MASH Project had a delightful experience with Mr. Venkat Krishnan and we hope to have more such chat sessions with many eminent change-makers, for creating an ecosystem of young and driven social change-makers.

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