Facebook NGO Day, Shimla – 3rd June 2019

Facebook NGO Day, an initiative undertaken by Facebook in partnership with MASH Project Foundation, was organized in Shimla on 3rd June 2019 at Hotel Radisson Jass for NGOs to enable learning of the most effective methods of community engagement through various Facebook Tools, Analytics and Strategies. The initiative brought over 200 NGO leaders together from Himachal Pradesh and nearby places like Uttarakhand and Chandigarh.

The event commenced with the opening address given by Mr. Rohit Singh, Policy Programs Manager, Facebook India and South Asia. The next thing in line was the video presentation of NGO Day Success Story on Nipman Foundation.


This was followed by the training session, led by Mr. Aashish Beergi, CEO and Co-founder, MASH Project Foundation. It was an interactive experiential learning session wherein the audience learnt about the various critical Facebook tools including Facebook Live, Insights, Analytics, Creating Events and Polls, 360-degree Virtual Video feature. The usage of these tools effectively can help the organisations to achieve a greater degree of community development by maximizing their benefits from the Facebook platform.

Next in line was a great inspirational success story by Mr. Avinash Pratap Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Waste Warriors. Singh showcased a documentary exhibiting the volunteers of his organisation who talked about how they follow the motto “Being Green”. He remarked,

Development cannot be in isolation. Development can happen only through awareness.


Soon after Singh’s success story, the Bootcamp began wherein the delegates were divided into groups of 8 and event volunteers were assigned individual groups to handle. Each group was supposed to create a Facebook page and incorporate maximum Facebook tools available to make their page creative. The best three were chosen to give the presentation on the social media campaign they designed.


During the final stage of the event, the NGOs got their queries and challenges addressed by Mr. Rohit Singh. Facebook NGO Day was a great opportunity to hear inspirational examples of successful campaigns run by the NGOs as well as a great opportunity to network and meet people. The event concluded on a positive note with a great sense of awareness.

  • Pratyasha (MASHkot)

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