Varenyam 2019: A call to action against climate change

“I think calling it climate change is rather limiting. I would rather call it the everything change.” – Margaret Atwood

Climate change is an evident phenomenon, and yet we choose to ignore it. The rate by which the human race is finding solutions to address the crisis and act upon it is not going to work out if don’t join our hands together now. To throw some light on this issue, MASH Project Foundation along with Mr. Manu Singh conducted Varenyam 2019: Climate Change – an interactive session around the modern causes and solutions related to the prevalent environmental crisis on 12th April 2019 at CoworkIn, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The three-hour event comprised of a speaker session convened and facilitated by Manu Singh.  

20190412043751_IMG_8557 (1)

Mr. Manu Singh is a social activist, environmentalist, spiritual trainer and interfaith practitioner with more than a decade of experience of working at the grassroots level in India on issues related to human rights, animal rights, peace-building and sustainability. As a writer, poet and theatre enthusiast, he tries to bring together various creative pursuits to fulfil his mission of creating a world firmly entrenched in the principle of ‘Vasudev Kutumbhakam’.

We started off with a small activity where everyone took a piece of crayon and a blank paper and drew something that they wished to have in life. As a result, there were a plethora of drawings, ranging from colourful skies to everything purple. The idea behind the activity was to recognise that the world has enough resources but not equitable distribution and someone with power can have more crayons and someone can have none. Interesting, isn’t it?

20190412042502_IMG_8493 (1)

This was followed by a discussion where Manu Singh established the catastrophic side effects of climate change and environmental exploitation which are wreaking unprecedented havoc on the most voiceless and most marginalized communities and are slowly bringing our entire race to the brim of possible extinction. The presentation factually established how these calamitous events are tailored by human greed and a crony-capitalistic concept of progress.

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Any discussion on climate change is incomplete without mentioning Mr. Singh described how the livestock industry was the prime contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and responsible for the depletion of water table and deforestation. Quoting from the report titled, “Long Shadow of the Livestock Industry”, he elaborated how 1 Pound of beef required 22 Kgs of grain and almost 20000 litres of water – which is extremely unsustainable. He prophesied and proved that if India with 1.3 billion people starts to consume meat in the same way as Europe and America, life on this planet would soon be in jeopardy.

Our event was also graced by The Prodigal Cook Farms, White Club, Nutriva as community partners who offered the attendees to taste organic food, vegan ice-cream and vegan nutritional drinks as a healthy and environment-friendly option.  


The event ended with a piece of poetry called “Don’t call me mother” presented by Mr. Manu Singh of which few lines are:

“Animals are slaughtered mercilessly just for the satiation of your greed, Heinously sacrificed for ‘taste buds’ – ornamented in the name of need.

The plants that nourish you are also raped relentlessly by your ever bloating population,  converted to wood, paper & plastic to aid your devious copulation.”


  • Prapti Bhatia (MASHkot)

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