The Essence of Gyaan Daan!

On the 6th of October, 2018, Saturday, MASH had an event to celebrate 10 years of Daan Utsav. The event namely Gyaan Daan was held at 91 Springboard, Jhandewalan. The core spirit of Daan Utsav which is ‘giving’ was floating in the breeze at the venue when the speakers were called to give a ‘daan’ of ‘gyaan’, which keeps on increasing with every share. Talking about the day and not highlighting the introductory activity would be unjust when everyone talked to each other and got to know about the kind activity everyone does. Followed by an introduction to the event, Director of MASH, Mr. Akshit Jain conducted a town hall with the core speakers Ms. Jasmine Bhatia and Mr. Bhuwan Mahajan.

Ms. Jasmine Bhatia, a St. Xaviers Alumni talked about the need of planning, monitoring and evaluating in one’s life while organizing an event, programme or a startup. Planning is the first step to be taken which can be termed as a synonym of base of any programme we wish to be successful, followed by Monitoring which is vital too, either to make you realize you are doing well or to tell you to jump back to the last step and ending at evaluation which is not less than a report card, a student keeps waiting for after giving an exam. It is the result of the exam or the outcome of evaluation which tells the person whether to keep going on the way or to analyze the problem or mistake they made and finally correcting it and moving further.

Followed by the Xavier Alumni, Mr. Bhuwan Mahajan talked about crowd funding, another aspect which caters to fulfill the need of funds. We live in a society where many want to donate but they need a platform which is Crowd Funding and focused on the need of imbibing the youth in giving at the initial point. Well, Crowd Funding is also not free from being a process, it has three stages namely, Pre-Launch, during Launch and Post-Launch or Post Campaign. One of the mantra for your campaign is ‘Seed Funding’ which is funding your campaign yourself first and then approach others to donate for the cause. Also the speaker highlighted that one should not forget his/her donor and should maintain a good rapport with them and keep interacting with them.

Concluding, we can say that it was a day well spent when everyone learnt a lot and got a platform to exchange their ideas and utilize the holiday for a good cause.

– Haseeba Sayyed (Mashkot)

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