MASH Project has it’s own way of celebrating the spirit of Joy of giving. All of us could sense it in the air while we were at 91Springboard on October 6, 2018 for a MASH Mixer to celebrate the spirit of volunteering. Every year, We celebrate Daan Utsav by encouraging volunteerism and providing more opportunities to the youth to interact and network with the experts from different sectors like media, civil societies and corporates.


We hit off the Event with Megha Aggarwal, introducing MASH Project to all the attendees and the essence of MASH Mixers.

The event had a perfect start by speed dating, an activity where an individuals gets only 30 seconds to interact and  talk to each other. We could not complete the conversations but had something to pick up, in our afterwards networking session definitely.

Our speaker session was full of stories and inspiration. Starting with Mrs. Priyanka Awasthy, Managing Director, Cormorant Consulting Group, who took us to the her college days where she started as the volunteer. Next we had Mr. Rishi Kumar Banshiwal, Management Associate, UN Volunteers and founder Reaching Sky Foundation. He talked about development sector as a career and what are the different ways we can look into volunteering. Lastly, we had Mrs Sameera Satija, founder Crockery Bank. who gave insights to her journey of starting Crockery Bank from the scratch.


There were a lot of learnings and motivation while our speakers put out their voice. Here are the five learnings which all the people in the room took away with the them:

  1. Volunteering is better than corporate life:

Working in a development sector can give us opportunities to work upon things we believe in and it’s less hectic than regular Corporate jobs.

2. It’s a two way process:

Before thinking volunteering as helping someone else, we need to look at how it is changing us as a person and what are we learning.

3. Decode who you are:

Before you chose your career in development sector. Look at your 5Ws and 1H i.e. what do you want to do, why you want to do, when you are ready do it, where and with who you can do it and lastly how will you do it.

4. Don’t wait for someone’s initiative:

Volunteering is all about bridging the gaps between what do you want to do and what is already there. It simply means if you feel that something should be done, you start doing it.

  1.       And always remember this:

All the volunteers are AWESOME and you need to realize it.


A lot more new stories came up about volunteering and past experiences with sips of some good coffee and snacks in the networking session. People from different sectors discussed about their projects and exchanged notes on how together they can create more Impact within their own areas and also to be more aware about what is happening in the ecosystem along with opportunities and partnerships.

The art of building a good network is to have a free space with some mindful people and this Saturday evening was one.

Missed this amazing opportunity to network and connect with like minded people? No worries. See you next year!

-Prapti Bhatia


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