When we extend the #MashFamily !

It was time to welcome all the new Mashkots in the MASH family so Mash project organised an  Orientation session on Saturday, September 15, 2018. The orientation started with everyone introducing themselves to the whole team. But wait, it wasn’t a regular boring introduction round because it had the unique touch being an activity at MASH. Yes, everyone was supposed to burst a balloon before giving their introduction to alarm the public about their turn. The older Mashkots introduced the organisation to the new members, starting with Akshit Jain who spoke about the CMX model and passed on the responsibility to TLCs to introduce the various communities they head. Mashkots also explained the small logo of MASH and it’s meaning.

Skillful Saturday started with introducing Mr. Sumer Broota, Senior Vocational Counsellor and Psychologist, currently working at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development. He was an expert in the field of career guidance, planning and profile building for overseas education started his presentation on effective career planning.

Defining the great way of success he quoted “ you won’t succeed unless you plan for one”, for which one needs to know himself. This includes knowing the attitude, interest, personality, abilities etc.                                                                                                                         Moving further, he explained the importance of leaving the herd mentality while choosing your career and highlighted the repercussion one could face after choosing the wrong one. For choosing the correct option one needs an exposure to various options available. In order to explore that, one needs better research which can help him/her narrow down on one choice which will be correct.

He highlighted the career choices one could have based on their interest and the academic background they belong to. While talking about various careers he focused on MBA, Actuarial Science, Management in various fields etc, bifurcating them into conventional and non conventional career choices so that the youth could develop an insight of the avenues open. Preferring the best institute and developing a suitable personality are a few core areas one should perform while preparing for a better tomorrow, he added.

Mr. Broota then handed over the session to Ms. Akriti an expert in the field of mass communication to answer the queries of those pursuing their academics in the humanities field. She talked about the avenues provided by travel and tourism and elaborated upon the unconventional career options in multimedia and animation highlighting the best institutes and organisation providing good courses for the same.

While winding up the session both of the speakers answered the queries about the careers in Advertising and PR firms and also introduced few entrance exams one is supposed to clear to pursue the academics overseas. Heading towards the end both the counsellors stressed upon researching a lot before opting for a career and highlighted the importance to narrow down to one field and work for that only which matches the interest of the doer.

The whole session was an eye opener for all of us and was beneficial some way or the other. Talking about the day, one could say, it was a Saturday Well Spent!


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