Celebrating the efforts of youth!

In order to bring about a change, one should create impact within our communities, societies and ourselves as individuals. Youth in India is a dynamic force which is a huge reservoir of energy and ideas which lead to remarkable changes. These changes not only help them to harness their skills but also allows them to grow up in a better environment, transforming the society they want to live in, in the future. United Nation Volunteers India is acknowledging the efforts of volunteers in different parts of India who have created impact within their communities and institutions.

V-Awards is honouring the young achievers in the field of volunteering in India. It is a celebration of small steps taken by youth which is giving their time, energy and resources to the people and causes around them to create change.
The commitment and stories of volunteers is what we need, to inspire thousands of young people to volunteer and engage themselves with the causes they believe in. Thinking of volunteerism not just as something you do for people, we need to think of it as an exchange. An individual may volunteer for someone today and might become a recipient of someone else’s volunteering efforts. Knowing that we will always be on both the sides of the service cycle, it becomes a responsibility to be an active volunteer for the society.


Efforts of volunteering shows the progressive image of the generation as young people are carefully looking at the smallest of the issues and curating their own solutions within the communities and institutions. To honour them is not just about recognizing their efforts but is about building an environment where people are motivated to be the change makers of their society.

You can apply for V-Awards here: http://www.vawards.in/apply/

– Prapti Bhatia




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