From the customs, rituals, and values shared by the members of an organization the culture of the organization builds. Since this culture affects both the personal and professional lives of the employees, it is essential for an organization to work smoothly and efficiently.

Mash Rendezvous, September 3rd,2017, was a Sunday afternoon filled with fun discussions, games and team building. Starting off with quick introductions, we dived into a game of BOOK CHARADES with 2 teams. It kept everyone on the edge of their seats as both teams tried to come up with more and more obscure names which were difficult to guess,  and in turn tried to make sense out of the animated gestures and exasperated expressions of the acting member while dealing with friendly banter from the other side.


After that, we started with the main attraction of the afternoon: the book discussions. Each of us took our turns to talk about the book we had brought to the event and its attractions; why we read it? Why someone else should read it? And all that jazz. We talked about books ranging from young adult, like ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’  to historical fiction like /The Inferno’ to dystopian novels like ‘1984′.

Intense dialogues, favorite quotes and witty banter flew by as the time passed. The session ended with pictures and boomerangs and that was all for the #MashReads rendezvous.

The whole event was successful due to the enviornment we were in and our beutiful surroundings!
We thank Springhouse Qutub for the beautiful venue!!


~ Ananya (MashKot)


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