Facebook NGO Day in Hyderabad | 26 July 2017

Mash Project has brought to Hyderabad a distinctive initiative in collaboration
with Facebook India, Facebook NGO Day.
A Digital Community
It is a no brainer that the world is going digital. We live in a small world today.
Social media platforms are not a luxury anymore, but a basic commodity, to
help keep ourselves updated about day-to- day happenings. It has brought us
close together. It has undeniably opened doors to a plethora of opportunities
and possibilities.

Facebook NGO day aimed to give non-profits and social enterprises the power
to build informed communities to help achieve the mission of an NGO
constructively on Facebook platform.
Diving Into Details
The event featured a Facebook representative discuss with various NGOs the
latest tools available and the most effective method of engaging with their
supporters and building community through campaigns on the Facebook
platform. It dealt with how to enable NGOs optimise the benefits that
Facebook offers to reach the target audience and engage them in the cause.

Networking For Good
It was a great opportunity to network with those who are driving social change
in the community. Through this hands-on workshop, the participants learnt the
importance of raising awareness, sharing people-centric stories, activating
volunteers and posting the right things at the right time, in order for their
mission to resonate with their target communities.
The training session shed light on the importance of establishing a virtual
voice, creating a brand value and giving a tonality to the cause. When the
content is humanised, it creates a deeper sense of connect with the audience.
Videos and Images are exploding in the recent times; hence they would
positively play an instrumental role in spreading the message or the objective
of the organisation far and wide. The participants were familiarised on the
myriad of options Facebook provides to help NGOs or non profits leverage their work.

Hands-on Learning
In the Boot Camp that followed the training session, the participants
brainstormed ideas for a new Facebook Page. The teams worked exuberantly
under strict deadlines and came up with brilliant campaign ideas and exhibited
astounding creative energy. Under the guidance of Facebook and MASH team,
the participants learnt ways to improve the design of their campaigns. The
errors made by the teams while presentations were corrected and they were
given advice on how to strategize their campaigns in a more streamlined
manner. It surely gave the participants food for thought and realisation, alike.
Facebook NGO Day gave each and every attendee of the event an extremely
educative, informative, enthralling, enriching and unforgettable experience by
bringing together several such creative energies in pursuit of creating a social
Needless to say, members of MASH Project Hyderabad were filled with an
abundance of enthusiasm to do many more such exciting events and take the
flag of MASH forward and upward.

Nikhila P. (Volunteer, MASH Hyderabad)


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