Facebook NGO DAY – Kolkata – July 24, 2017

Today’s era is undoubtedly an era of digitization and this world is marked by dynamism and innovation. When we talk about digitization, first thing that inevitably pops up is social media and its related wings. And to be the best in the business, one has to be quaint with the means of the trade, at the right time in a right way.


Partnering For Good

MASH Project was started with one basic underlying theme –  to support the needs of young people in helping them create a greater social impact. MASH strives to do achieve it. This time around, we aimed at addressing the most basic issue governing the functioning of an organization in today’s time, which was how to use the social media in a way so as to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the concern. And in this endeavor of ours, we were supported by none other than the poster company of social media itself: Facebook.

The overall view of the partnership was to help the society to grow in a better way. The theme goes with the 17th UN’s The Sustainable Development Goal i.e. ‘Partnerships for the Goals – Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development’. Facebook, to fuel its campaign,”Facebook for NGOs”, partnered with Mash this time around, to organize, ’Facebook NGO day with MASH’ in two of the growing metro cities, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Through The Workshop

This could have been any other workshop, where participants learn the nitty-gritty and are better off. But MASH believes in inching little more and being a step ahead. The event was designed in a way that the lessons learnt are implemented then and there. The event was scheduled in the midst of the hustle of the city and the day’s start couldn’t have been more challenging. The abounding rain greeted us, but as they say, if you have high determinations, no obstacle is big enough. With an urge to learn and create an impact, the participants for the NGO Day started buzzing in. The milieu couldn’t have been better: Challenging environment outside and determined, dedicated changemakers inside.


To fight the Monday blues, tea and cookies were served to mark the perfect tone for the day. The event began with an ice-breaker session in a typical MASH-ian way. Assuming to be in the shoes your partner, the delegates were asked to introduce each other.  The session was well-coordinated by Co-founder Aashish Beergi who assumed the role of emcee for the day. Once the teams were done with the introductions, in came the person of the hour, Facebook’s South-East Asia marketing person, Ms. Shruti Moghe who delivered an enriching session.

From basic elements like content of a good post to high-end things like messenger bots and using analytics, the presentation was very comprehensive. The entire disquisition was well presented and discussed. Intervening questions acted as a catalyst to the entire session. The session was followed by a Q-A session to clear doubts.

Successful presentations need successful stories to act as a cherry on the cake.  The audience was filled with NGOs who have been benefitted previously by using Facebook. The Saviours, represented by Sreejana and Sanchari and Wake up Kids, represented by Divyanshu Damani shared their share of positives of using Facebook and how it has helped them in growing over the time. Sanchari talked about the structure their organization has and how from the grass root itself, facebook is the main structure whereas, Divyanshu talked about using Facebook to promote events and other such campaigns that his NGO holds. After this, the house was opened for everyone and everyone could share their story.



Networking and Experiential Learning

Even when the house broke for lunch, our enthused participants didn’t miss a chance to interact with each other and also with Ms. Shruti talking about their individual cases. Lunch acted as a good networking session. Post lunch session, it was the implementation time of all the learning gathered. There is a very famous saying, that goes, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. And that is what we exactly did. Discreetly involved the members of various NGOs into like groups.  The task was simple, form a NGO with a motive and run its Facebook page using all the elements talked about formerly. The well thought, structured and organized presentations were a nice addition to the day.

The campaigns formed were on some really thought provoking issues like Women empowerment, Environmental degradation, Education, Bullying, Human Trafficking and Menstruation issues.  And the way they presented using videos, chart papers, pictures etc made it a stellar. After each presentation, getting feedback from Ms. Shruti on the live projects made it an even more enriching affair. Some of the presentation were really good and had a novel motto. All in all, implementing the learned was indeed a good affair.

The last presentation of the day ended on a beautiful note, where the presenting team summed up the entire day in few words.   

“तू रख हौसला वो मंझार भी आयेगा

पयासे के पास चल के समंदर भी आयेगा

थक हार के ना रूकना ऐ मंज़िल के मुस्फ़िर

मंज़िल भी मिलगा और मिलने का माजा भी आयेगा”

The entire workshop was about achieving that destination, the destination of an impact, which all of these attendees had in their mind. The destination to extend a helping hand and create an environment, that nurtures and grows and enroute, learn new things and cherish them.

– Shreyas Bajoria,
Kolkata Hub, MASH Project


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