The team of nexus visited an NGO, Shubhakshika Educational Society; which is a non-profit organisation. The NGO has been working for education, rehabilitation and uplift of the underprivileged and the marginalised sections of the society by providing opportunities for education, by imparting employment oriented vocational skills, by creating awareness about relevant issues through camps and workshops and by procuring and distributing articles of basic needs to the needy.

From past many year the organisation has worked for the welfare of the society with a vision to create a platform for underprivileged children by providing then informal as well as formal education till class eight. They also support and help them getting admission in government school by counselling the uneducated parents to take an initiative in shaping their children future.

Shubhakshika is working on various projects within Delhi. The NGO organizes awareness programmes in the socially backward areas to make people aware of their rights. The NGO wants to fight against the evils like drug addiction and alcoholism through counselling. Shubhakshika, periodically conducts surveys to identify children who are not going to schools. There are various welfare project undertaken like Open Shelter Home for boys, Non-formal Education, Vocational Courses, Health Care.

The purpose of our visit to the NGO was to know more about it, so that in future we could facilitate and consult them. The day we planned our visit, unfortunately it rained but beside all the difficulty all our team member reached the venue on time.

We interacted with the chairperson of the organisation, who helped us to understand the core of the organisation in-depth. She mentioned various challenge she faces while running the NGO and asked for our consultant. It was great talking to her.

The best part of NGO visit was the interaction with the children. We talked to them, dance and sing along. They all were so talented and world best dances. We learnt a lot from these kids to be happy and love yourself, it doesn’t matter what is your situation. Just enjoy your life.



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