Are humans the smartest creatures in this world? No. They are not. And yet, they have managed to make a spot for themselves at the top of the food chain. They banded together to ensure their survival and climbed the top of the ladder with help of their species. Humans had trust, which other beings lacked. And subjectivity.

Partnering with one another sounds simple but in reality, it is not. There are many challenges, and overcoming them is a herculean task. It is not impossible though, because we have all done it before and look where we are now!

On 25 June 2017, MASH Project organised a workshop on “Networking and Building Lasting Partnerships” for its interns. Mr. Manu Singh imparted great knowledge in a matter of two hours. He started with questions that silenced the room for most part.


“What if I leave you on an inhabited island with a monkey? Who do you think has more chance of survival? The monkey is better equipped, obviously. Now, what if I leave 100 of you on the island with 100 monkeys? Who survives now? Chances are that 100 days later I’d find you guys having a monkey barbeque.”

It is because humans are social beings at their core and they work better together. They forge partnerships over time and together go one to achieve great things. We lead all the species, but we sometimes need a leader too.

How do we become leaders? Simple, through imitation and evolution. These are the pillars of leadership. The different leadership levels could be categorised as Self (Thinking that as a leader, I have to do it all myself), Do-it-all-myself (Giving fewer chances to others because I can do it in the best way possible), Relationship (Working together under the umbrella of care and empathy), and Self (Leading through example and inspiring action through a greater sense of responsibility) again.


Proper leadership is based on two pillars: Reciprocity and Fairness. Reciprocity says break the cycle of pain and hurt that others have caused you and treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. It goes a long way. Fairness is simply being fair in action, and not preferring one person over other without evidence. Give everyone equal chance and create inspiring leaders for tomorrow.

Post the deliberation and transformational 3 hour interaction with Manu Sir, we jumped to the experiential part of relationship building and effective leadership through a series of games. With A4 sheets in the guise of pseudo mines, we had to maneuver our way through these mines to the treasure. Relationship building was at test and it was amusing to see how carefully the blindfolded person listened to instructions and reached the treasure. Another game that we played was Mafia. It was followed by mouth watering rolls, and Manu Sir even paid for the winners’ food!

Needless to say, everyone gained a lot of insight into building strong long long-lasting relationships and communicating suitably.

– Nimisha Sharma


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