Perks of Being a Wallflower

In a world where humans have to deal with so many obstacles and problems in life, it is easier to be a wallflower. According to the theory of reincarnation, given by Ekta Kapoor, there is a chance that we might be reborn as a wallflower in our next life, and considering the current scenario of this planet, if there is even a slightest chance of that happening then we should take it without hesitation (unless you want to do something about it).

Wallflowers don’t believe in materialistic things, unlike humans, and are satisfied with fertile soil, water and sunlight. They do not have the concept of money and still work on barter system as they give space to some organisms so that they can live a satisfied life and in return, those organisms provide them with nutrients so there is no chance of experiencing poverty in the world of a wallflower. They share everything they produce and help fellow wallflowers to flourish equally while we humans are ready to rip each other off for our own satisfaction.
The human world is craving for quality and right to education but if you were a wallflower, this illiteracy wouldn’t have affected you at all. Instead, the only type of education a wallflower gets is the useless sex education which helps it in producing a healthy offspring.
Also, Wallflowers do not discriminate based on gender. There are no separate pots for female wallflowers just to make them feel safe. Female wallflowers are not forced to learn to cook, photosynthesis works equally for both male and female. Moreover, nobody judges a wallflower on its sexuality, they realize the fact that every wallflower has equal rights, whether it’s mono-sexual or bisexual and there is no reason for treating one differently and considering that one is mentally ill because they have knowledge about their sexuality.

The only Sustainable Development Goal that affects them on a large scale is climate change. It affects them before it affects the superior human race that cannot live without oxygen produced by the inferior wallflowers. We humans have only made it harder for them to have life, whether it’s under water or on land. We dispose garbage in oceans without thinking about the ill consequences it has on something that is providing us with something as substantial as oxygen.

So, if you’ll ask me what I want to get reincarnated into after I die, I’ll probably say a cockroach to save myself from a nuclear wipe out or a wallflower.


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