Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship with Enactus LSR.

“It’s time we initiate conversation around things that matter !”

To stimulate a meaningful conversation amongst the community of changemakers , MASH Project and Ashoka  jointly organised ‘Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship’.

On 18th April 2017, ‘Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship’ was held in Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University which was a part of a series of 8 events hosted .

Dr. Yashveer Singh, Director, Youth Venture, Ashoka; founder of National Social Entrepreneurship Forum, a Forbes 30 under 30, and a Masters from Oxford University was the host along with Akshit Jain , Director of MASH Project .

They as our mentors shared valuable insights in field of Social Entrepreneurship .

The conversation began with breaking the ice and making each other comfortable. We gulped down a few more sips of cold coffee as the discussion gained heat. Giving us the backdrop , Dr. Yashveeer Singh traced the journey of Ashoka back to 1960s and shared its powerful vision, ‘One individual can create breakthrough in system juts with the power of one idea’.

Dr. Yashveeer Singh also threw some light on implementing systemic and frame changes for being successful social entrepreneurs. Frame change happens when the problem becomes everyone’s problem. Emphasis was laid on the values of empathy , creativity , leadership and teamwork that youth must embody to cater the needs in the current eco- system.

This session inspired students to look beyond what is there and rekindled their faith in themselves to become changemakers by giving examples of ordinary people who brought ripples of change in the society.

The discussion was concluded with enthusiastic Q/A round .

As Akshit puts it, ‘Conversations are key to get help, as one gets to learn from others journey, stories and insights and fit them into their personal journey.’

Truly said ! Each one of us took home the pieces of knowledge, inspiration and advices that fit in our puzzles well .

by Simran sachdeva


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