Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship with Enactus JMC.

“A social entrepreneur is a system changing entrepreneur.”

MASH Project and Ashoka jointly organized ‘Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship‘ on Tuesday, April 18, 2017  in Jesus & Mary college , Delhi University.
It was a two hour interactive session led by Mr. Yashveer Singh, Director, Youth Venture, Ashoka, the founder of National Social Entrepreneurship Forum and a Forbes 30 under 30 achievers.

The session started with an introduction about MASH, all its models and the  importance of conducting the session.

A small activity of introduction of all the team members and their reasons of joining enactus as an organisation were known.

A few expectations from this session of the team members were:
– learn how to manage various activities
– understand leadership, social entrepreneurship
– various business models
– how to sustain a project
– how to incorporate the models so as to uplift the society and provide solutions

Yashveer sir then told the students how ASHOKA came into existence.

He also discussed the 4 stages of social entrepreneurship:
1. Direct service stage
2. Implementation and scaling
3. Scaling up the idea, not only ur organisation
4. Frame change- when everyone starts considering the problem as there problem
As the event came into being, the students started discussing the problems faced by them in there respective projects. Some of the various problems discussed were expansion, responsiveness, revenue, etc.


Yashveer sir with his experience and knowledge took each question one at a time and provided the best solutions that he could. He shares his own experiences and many other stories of various young entrepreneurs so as to provide the correct motivation and guidance to all the students.

A very informal discussion in an extremely formal environment about a lot of things made this session a unique and fun one to be a part of.

The team of Enactus JMC was mostly satisfied with all the discussions and is looking forward to more such collaborations.


~ Sumegha



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