An important development factor during adolescence is that children become more self-conscious and become increasingly concerned about who they are. They are old enough to understand the concept of society and place themselves in the society while maintaining their individuality at the same time.

The “NETWORKING” workshop organised on April 23, 2017 was an initiative taken by “MASH” to understand the basics of networking along with design and basics of email etiquette. The speaker for this session was MS. MEDHA AGGARWAL. It proved to be a successful workshop in terms of its reach.

There are two types of networking:
1. Strong Ties
2. Weak Ties

Strong and weak ties are both relevant and important in our social networking interactions. They perform different functions in relationships but they can extend our network far beyond our normal reach.  Using and maintaining our socially weak ties can bring far-reaching benefits outside of our normal relationships. Networking helps in exploring new opportunities. MS. MEDHA AGGARWAL cleared the myths of networking like:

1. It’s all about what you can do for me. The best way to build an active, robust network is being a master of reciprocity. Developing a reputation for being generous makes people more likely to take a chance on helping you.

2. Extroverts make the best networkers. That’s only true if you think that being a pro networker is the same as being the most popular person in the room.  Introverts looking to build a better professional network should play to their strengths by focusing on one-on- one conversations and personal referrals from people they already know —  the best way to form the kinds of strong relationships that bear fruit later.


She also answered the question “how one should network?” How can one identify the types of groups and how to start a conversation in different types of groups like:

1. Start with a open triplet.
2. If you are alone find a table for yourself.
3. It’s better to reach the event before time.
4. Dress should be appropriate according to the event.
5. Body language –essential for better networking.
6. Offering business cards and rules.

The workshop was a great success with the support of all the fellow MASHkots and the Speaker. The attendees turned out in large numbers. We hope to keep organizing such workshops to help spread the right knowledge right from the horse’s mouth.

– Richa Rai


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