Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship with Enactus KMC.

Coffee and conversations is an initiative by MASH Project that aims to connect social entrepreneurs who are just starting out with Mr. Yashveer Singh, Director of Ashoka, who is a stalwart of this sector. The first part of this eight-series workshop was held in association with the Enactus society of Kirori Mal College. Enactus KMC is currently engaged is two projects – Dor and Patradya. Dor is for the upliftment of the women community of Najafgarh by utilising their skills in stitching for making scarves, while the latter is about making edible utensils with Afghan refugees.

The leaders of Enactus KMC put their problems before the esteemed guest to help them make a greater impact through their work. These problems included finding space for social work in today’s corporate world, making people give serious thought to their initiatives and not consider them as just college kids. More are the number of people reached, more is the impact of any social program – this is where the issues of scaling and funding come to the fore.

One of the main ideas propounded by Mr. Yashveer Singh was that one should never keep an innovative idea with himself. One great example of this is Elon Musk – all his patents are public. Mr. Yashveer also suggested that Enactus shouldn’t attain legal status and businesses they work with should get registered. This would ensure that transfer funding goes directly to the beneficiary and save Enactus from navigating through a lot of administrative rigmarole.

The session ended with the famous poet , Rumi’s quote –

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

This idea fits perfectly in the field of social work because in order to make a larger impact, one must be ready to share his idea and put personal interests aside for the good of the community.


– Naimish Srivastava



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