Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship with Enactus IPCW.

“Ideas can come from anybody, out of any moment. Streamline the idea and use it for the betterment of people.”
-Enactus IPCW

MASH Project and Ashoka jointly organized ‘Coffee & Conversations on Social Entrepreneurship‘ on Monday, April 17, 2017 from 2pm to 4pm in Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi.
It was a two hour interactive session led by Mr. Yashveer Singh, Director, Youth Venture, Ashoka, the founder of National Social Entrepreneurship Forum and a Forbes 30 under 30 achievers. He shared some key insights into the social sector and had a conversation with young budding Social Entrepreneurs of Enactus IPCW.

Yashveer Sir along with the students of Enactus IPCW shared their journey as a social entrepreneur and discussed ideas on how to create a social impact in this profit driven world because monetary terms don’t provide the satisfaction, sustainability does.
Enactus team feels that creating an impact means amalgamation of resources that we have and what other communities have. Building on to this, they talked about their project Aipan, which is a community empowerment project focusing on revival of an art form – Aipan – hailing from district Kumaon, Uttarakhand, India. It is an initiative under their flagship project, Shashakt. The twin objective of the project is to spread awareness about the art and enable entrepreneurial action in the target community of Aipan artists.
After giving a brief description of their project, the curious young minds awaited guidance with their ongoing and future projects, replacing possible challenges with tangible solutions.
Yashveer Sir  answered all their questions through the learning and experiences of his journey.

He defined social entrepreneurship as an individual who has a system changing idea in his hands and uses it for the betterment of people. He divided this into four stages:
1. Direct service – look at a problem and feel moved.
2. Scaling up only after being sustainable.
3. Ideas move forward successfully if people build upon it, rather than the organization.
4. Frame change – mindset about the problem must be changed. Any vice work must be appreciated rather than being looked down upon. Change the perspective.
During the conversation, skill building was also discussed. Yashveer Sir shared how creating a value out of our skills is what we should focus on. He said , to fight the ongoing cultural war, we need to create a new culture. Increasing social outreach and presenting the idea to the outside world should also be given attention.
Sir also demanded introspection. He said anything that you start, ask what others can copy from you. Force yourself to think in unique ways and understand the need to be able to do it as per the demand. BECOME ROLE MODELS.

I think this coffee conversation enlightened not just the students of IPCW but also all the members of MASH present there. Key tools to reach our full potential and hence multiplying the impact of social offerings was also facilitated through this event as we understood that empathy, teamwork, collaboration and creative problem solving together is a key to success in this sector. We thank Yashveer sir for taking out some time and making these budding social entrepreneurs much aware.

Shambhavi Tiwari
Communications Head, MASH Project


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