A session on Mindfulness

Sunday is always a lazy day for us to sneak inside our cribs. But, MASH called in for me to wake up early and be there at Lodhi Garden for a particular event which was supposed to be about mindfulness and meditation. I was there at the venue on the prescribed time and so were the rest of my punctual MashKots. We were scribbling around about random things until we welcomed somebody new to this gathering. They were Vivek and Pooja.

They belonged to an institution namely Kshamtalya which is a non- profit organization which has been working towards developing tools and practices to build a culture of mindfulness and systems thinking in schools and communities. They aim to develop schools as transformative spaces for all the stakeholders to help them discover their true potential. They do this by building social, systems and emotional literacy through an integrated school curriculum.

 They also create experiences for young people to reflect on the self and be able make connections with outer world. The ultimate objective is creating a sense of purpose through being self and systems aware. Thus, on a note of collaboration, they joined hands with MASH Project to help us learn a bit of the mental side of a human being.


We sat there in a circle, talked of our problems as he created the comfort around us.Then, he talked of how our problems could be greased out of our lives and we could do that with the help of mindfulness. In the process, he indulged us in playing a few games to help us relax. It not only relaxed us but rejuvenated our clustered mind keeping us off the myriad of thoughts cluttering our thoughts. We further sat and discussed how love moulds us and how we could be the major role play to set our minds apart from things which do not require our attention to things which do. So, in a nutshell, it was a great experience to have got the privilege to have met somebody so learned as him and help our decaying minds to flower lilies and roses.

– Sarojinee Chakrobarthy


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