YouthSav 2017: MASH Project coronated as a Changeloomer

Pravah in association with ComMutiny- The Youth Collective, Oracle Foundation and GKS led forward the dynamic event of “YouthSav” to celebrate youth leadership on 24th March 2017 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi. The ChangeLooms – Learning and Leadership Journey tries to encourage and support young social changemakers- the ChangeLoomers hailing from different geographical and socio-economic backgrounds, from states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal who are doing some exceptional work at ground level.

YouthSav is what we look upto as the celebration of the journey of around 100 ChangeLoomers who have been breaking their sweat and extending their intensive efforts in leading social initiatives which marks the closure of the ChangeLooms programme. It not only allocates a platform to these ChangeLoomers to share the journey of their work but also aids them in pursuing their passion for the cause they are working towards and inspire other like-minded people.

The three hours long event, YouthSav started with a gallery of the ChangeLooms fellowship organizations where MASH Project was presenting its gallery for the very first time. Filled with engrossing elements and a very creative and avant-garde depiction of MASH Project’s journey in the past 3 years, our gallery successfully grasped the vision and attention of a lot of visitors. It also rewarded the winners of a very unique and social-impact-creating game ‘revolving’ around sustainable development goals, with exclusively free passes to our upcoming events. Now, that is something interesting.  (So, stay tuned and indulge yourself with experiences)!

The event then incorporated a very audience engaging stage performance by the ChangeLoomers followed by the musical performances which got the audience grooving to the strings of the guitar and the soulful music surrendering them to the beautiful ambience around.

Soon after this,  the Delhi Cultural Minister Mr. Kapil Mishra was cordially invited on the stage to address the audience where he culminated his speech by sharing with us,  a very motivational story which inspired us to accomplish the unbelievable and believe in ourselves and our dreams to achieve bigger in life.

The most awaited, overwhelming and proud moment for the MashKots was finally here, when our very own CEO, Mr. Aashish Beergi and the director of MASH Project, Mr. Akshit Jain were called out on the stage to be felicitated by Mr. Kapil Mishra to appreciate them for the fabulous work and their inspiring journey as ChangeLoomers.  The whole of MASH team cheered and applauded with pride in their bones and mind to have been a part of this voyage.

After the conclusion of the scheduled events and performances, it was time for the celebration of the success of all the ChangeLoomers in our very own way and embrace our work with happiness and utmost satisfaction. Do you know how we did it? our energy and enthusiasm knew no bounds as we danced our hearts out to every kind of track ranging from Desi Punjabi Bhangra to Angrezi Beats and the merriment went along a long way. Satisfaction indeed tasted sweet.
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 4.08.22 PM
To conclude the entire day in a nutshell,  it was a very fun-filled, inspiring, motivational and a reinvigorating experience for me as a MashKot, where I learnt a lot of things right from talking and making fruitful conversations with people to understand the need and contribution of such inducing social changemakers. It was a great event pulled off amazingly by Pravah and the efforts of MASH team as well in making it much more than just a day of celebration, embarking our journey from here on. Thus, I will look forward to more of such knowledgeable as well as heartwarming experiences to mark my calendar with and make beautiful memories as such.


– Vaishali Yadav
MASH Project


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