Farewell: March 2017; 5 Stars of MASH

Long after you leave the Organization you have been connected with for more than a year, you are still present in the form of bonding you have with other team members. It is this culture that binds all the MashKots together and help us connect with each other at a level much deeper then follow ups and feedbacks. Such was the scenario this last weekend where MASH organised a fitting farewell for five of its shining stars who have left this indelible print in MASH’s journey as an organization.

A Bright sunny day at Lodhi Gardens and more than 20 MashKots were in for an amazing experience. This Sayed Shah Tomb has witnessed some beautiful memories for MashKots and the farewell was no exception. Sitting in a big circle always helps and a long but exciting game of Mafia set the tone for the day. Outgoing tech maestro Vipak had a bit more fun dying than we expected while Akshit had his own puns in place as the God. Mind games were at its best when fellow Mafias began to kill each other and fun reached a whole new level of awesomeness.

Next we were ready to appreciate our 5 star outgoing guys for their support and contributions. With a generous hand on their shoulders and an emotional verbiage of our memories with all of our dear friends, we whispered into their ears how they have continued to inspire all of us with their work in MASH and outside MASH. From Vidushi’s virtuoso writing skills to Mridul’s commitment for Community Development. From Sanna’s efforts making her synonymous with Social Impact Partnerships to Shruti’s contribution in giving words to our events all the way to Vipak’s expertise in tech and humor, the moment was intensified with Gratitude that flowed naturally in every one of us present there. Farewell speech followed where each of the outgoing members shared their experiences and how MASH played its part in their journeys. The only spike in jealousy rushed in as all leaving members were presented with a MASH mug and we were left wondering strategies for obtaining that cup without leaving the MASH.

After all the emotional outbursts, it was time for delicious Lunch as we were accompanied by fellow Changeloomers Piyush Ghosh and Tuhin Sen from The Optimist Citizen and Rahul Aggarwal and Vinod Kumar from Swatantra Talim. Their in depth visualization of how the journey of a Social Entrepreneur moulds itself and what are the challenges one faces during the same. The informal discussion overflowed with inspiration as being part of a similar journey themselves, they were able to connect with team members at a whole new depth. We indeed are looking for more such sessions where we get a peek into what being a Social Entrepreneur is actually like and how can we grab our lessons from their experiences.

The farewell was an experience inked down in the memories of MashKots as one of the most memorable one in this year so far and we certainly wish all our outgoing members remain a part of the ever growing MashKots Tribe and the journey continues forever.

– Akshit Jain
Director, MASH Project


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