Webinar: Corporate Communication by Mr. Ankush Vengulekar

MASH Project held a webinar on  ‘Corporate Communication’ on 22nd February.  Our expert for the session was Mr. Ankush Vengurlekar, who is also the Communications Consultant at the Indo Global Socila Service Society. The session was an interactive one, extending the time limitations due to its informatory and explanatory nature. It sought to clarify all the doubts regarding the communication between the NGO and a corporate.

Mr. Ankush began by explaining ‘Corporate Communication’, which refers to the communication undertaken by an NGO with a corporate. He talked about the categories of communication, with which an NGO interacts on differing levels. These include Government, media, skilled professionals of the field, masses and lastly the corporate. Here, he mentioned the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) law where the corporate is deemed to spend 2% of its profit for a good cause and since then the partnerships between NGO’s and a Corporate augmented.

Mr. Ankush mentions reasons for which the NGO requires to partner with a corporate. Firstly,  increasing the awareness of the corporate by the NGO and making good relations with them so that they could eventually end up partnering with each other. Secondly, the need for resource mobilization which includes manpower, transport, infrastructure, etc could also be taken care of in partnership with the corporate. Thirdly, for fundraising to meet the requirements of an active NGO.  He, then moved on to discuss the various means through which a corporate can be contacted, these are, digital (web ads, online promotion, website, email, etc) and Non- Digital (Business associations, expos, conventions, brochure, embassies, etc). Furthermore, Mr. Ankush discussed the importance of knowing how to pitch your organization. Having an elevator pitch, he says, can woo a person more than a brochure or an e-mail.

Overall it was a very engaging webinar. The webinar overall covered all the essential know-how’s of ‘Corporate Communication’. We hope to have more such important and information-loaded webinars in the future. The positive feedback we received in terms of the number of viewers was definitely reinforcing.

Webinar link: https://youtu.be/dXjabemhtKo

– Vidushi Dahiya

Head, Communications Department.



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