Mash Mixer #28 – Animal Rights

The modern society is built on the promise of equal rights and fair treatment for all. Human beings have been the center of this discourse, and it’s time that animals stopped getting the short end of the stick. They don’t deserve cruelty to be meted out to them. The MASH mixer held on 11th February on Animal Rights propagated this cause by giving changemakers in this sector an opportunity to inspire young minds.


The evening began with a street play from the students of Motilal Nehru College that painted a moving picture of the cruelty faced by street dogs. Through their performance, they protested the killing of street dogs and emphasized that neither the government nor the citizens have any right to hurt them. There is a need to adopt the DESI (Duty to empathize, sterilize, and immunize) model to protect them.

The speaker session began with Mrs. Ambika Shukla, Director of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. She is responsible for over two thousand rescued animals. She talked about being a vegetarian and how it is a political choice, not a dietary one. If our personal choice takes someone’s life, we need to think long and hard about our actions. The next distinguished speaker was Mrs. Priyanka Jha, Assistant Professor at the Ambedkar University. She’s an ardent animal activist and has been working for their rights as a member of JNU. During her talk, she explained how animals have as many rights as humans. They are not at our mercy and deserve more than our compassion.


“You don’t have to be a saint to do good work,” said Mrs. Mandy, CEO of Friendicoes, in her motivational talk about working with passion. She shared the secrets to sustaining an NGO and called for support in the animal rights sector. Miss Malavika Nambiar, a second-year student at Lady Shri Ram College, was the next speaker. When four dogs in her campus fell ill to distemper, she started Campus Care for Animals and nursed them back to health. Over six months later, her organization is responsible for four rescue drives and adoption of eight puppies.

MASH Project aims to create a global ecosystem for young entrepreneurs. The mixer provided an opportunity to understand the problems facing the welfare sector and how to overcome them. The first step towards concrete change is changing the mindset of people, and the Animal Rights Mixer was a good example.



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