Innovation Under Construction: MASH Makers on Design Thinking

Knowledge that is not shared grows stale. Opening up our minds and having new experiences leads to learning. MASH PROJECT truly believes in this fact. The MASH makers on design held on 29th January pays testament to this idea. The event brought budding designers from all fields together and gave them an opportunity to test their mettle and learn the tips and tricks of the trade. A three-hour session was conducted by two people having years of experience in the industry, Riya and Shikha. It helped the participants to network and meet like-minded people and laid the foundation for future excellence.

The day began with the thirty circle exercise. Created by Bob McKim of the Stanford Design Program, this exercise was simple and quick to complete. Each participant is given a piece of paper with thirty blank circles on it, a pencil and one minute on the clock. They are required to fill the circles with any shape or design imaginable. It can be as simple as a smiley face and as interesting as a pizza or a football. The purpose of this exercise was to stress the importance of quantity and putting one’s ideas on paper. The idea is to let one’s creativity flourish.

The next activity was The Design Challenge, where the participants were given the task of redesigning the nightlife experience for young adults in Delhi. Split up into groups of five, the teams were asked to empathise and observe. By giving them an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of others, they were taught the importance of making designs user-oriented. Everyone was asked to come up with innovative ideas. There was a clock on the whole assignment. Time is money, and it is always better to fail cheap and fail fast. The teams then bounced ideas off each other and came up with fresh solutions using the three essential questions: what, how, and why? In the final stage, they were required to build a prototype of their idea and put it to test in real-life conditions.

Time seems to race past when the company is interesting and the air is filled with excitement. This was especially true of this day. When the curtains were finally drawn on this action-packed event, everybody left with a smile on his face and a backpack full of knowledge and learning.

Naimish Srivastava
MASH Project



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