From the moments of Fun to the spark of Learning: Rendezvous, January 2017 had it all

The first Rendezvous of 2017 held on 29th January correlated well with the values of unity within the team both in its representation and conduct.

MASHKots came together to play games, take part in engaging and fun activities, spend time with fellow MASHKots, getting to know each other in informal settings and develop a bond over mouth watering delicacies and drinks at the heart of Delhi- Connaught Place!

The sprawling lawns of Central Park seemed the most appropriate location to conduct such informal meetings. We managed to attract a lot of crowd around our gathering filled with games and this added to the fervour and increased our enthusiasm to the fullest extent. The cheering crowd made the general public an uninvited part of the Rendezvous. Be it Minefield oralloon race, each and every moment spent was splendid and emphasized upon building strong teams.
The HR Department left no stones unturned to make sure our members have a memorable time together.

Rendezvous is known for the Fun Value in MASH Project and cannot be imagined without our food cravings followed by good food.
Continuing with the league of Food-a-holic endings, the humans of MASH on their epic food hunt crashed the lord of burgers: McDonald’s. Even the super boring burgers become awesome when you have a kickass company and our team lived upto it.

In conclusion, the Rendezvous was the epitome of fun, zeal and enthausiasm. It was successful in achieving it’s central goal which is to bring the members of the organization together. It led the team to know and interact with other members. The various games helped all of the team to learn lessons of unity with diversity in the organisation and teams. Undoubtedly Rendezvous is meant to be unusual though happening and this Rendezvous was no different.

Written By
Prabhu Kunwar Singh
(A MashKot who had a wonderful time)

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