From Nagriks to ‘Jagriks’

With a plethora of campaigns running throughout the year, these so-called mass mobilization activities have somewhat diverted from its purpose to create an impact in the society and raise questions that matter. But every now and then there comes an initiative that touches people to their core and make them look for the most important answers within themselves. Such was the impact for Samvidhan Live: The Jagrik Project campaign led by ComMutiny – the Youth Collective and its youth engaging partners from across the country, which is supported by Misereor, Oxfam India and DKA Austria. Highlighting the journey towards being a Jagrik and not just a Nagrik, the campaign aims to bring our prestigious constitution back to life through young people who lives our rights and duties.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 marked the culmination for the campaign in New Delhi and the event was a huge success. Jaagriks, who took up certain challenges ranging from Gender Reversal role to living a day on 32 Rupees participated from all over the country and the youth was present in big numbers to show their support. Malvankar Hall, Constitution Club of India was brought to life with stories from Jagriks who shared their experiences. Aparna Ravi and Neeru Malhotra took the charge of emceeing and streamlined the entire idea behind being a Jagrik. They underlined the true meaning behind this campaign. Manzil Mystics gave the experience a whole new dimension with their musical rendition of the Preamble. Nisha Agrawal (CEO, Oxfam India) brought in an intriguing perspective on the table about the economic diversity this country is facing. Arjun Shekhar (Co-founder CYC and Pravah) followed with a talk that would hold the 500+ attendees for next hour. His humor and energy was unparalleled and brought to light the stories of many Jagriks and how they impacted the world around them.

A beautiful video with an open letter to the president was played and then the findings of the Samvidhan Survey were discussed in depth. It certainly was an eye opener how ignorant we can be with our duties and our rights. As an individual, the event definitely meant a step in the right direction. A panel discussion that catered masterful questions by young Jagriks was followed by a heartfelt musical performance by Harpreet Singh whose words and melody synchronized with the spirit of the campaign. Ashraf Patel closed the day with her vote of thanks and sharing how the entire team has been working seamlessly to make this campaign a huge success.



The entire event was a shout out to all those who gives a priority to this country, know about their rights and are committed towards their duties. This is certainly a step in the right direction. I proudly stand as a Jagrik Citizen towards my constitution and pledge to support this campaign with my best capacity. What about you?!

Akshit Jain

Director | MASH Project


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